Fixing ED: 63-Yr Old Plumber Had Prostate Surgery

 Fixing ED: 63-Yr Old Plumber Had Prostate Surgery... Drove For Uber To Afford Treatment And Please His Younger Girlfriend!

Hey everybody, welcome back. My name is Dustin Wolff. I’m the president of Novus. And today we’re filming another episode of Fixing ED. 
All right, so we’d like to put these out there. We share these stories of actual patients who have come in and successfully been treated by us and are now happy campers, right?
So today’s story is a story of a patient who came in a little over a year ago. Nice guy. Really nice guy. His name’s Leonard. That’s his real name, his testimonials, actual videos testimonial’s actually on our website. 
So you can go and check this out. But I just wanted to verbally tell you guys kind of what his backstory was and what’s happening right now.
So this poor guy comes to us, he’s a 63 year old plumber. He doesn’t make a ton of money. 
We come in and he sits down, and he kind of starts telling me a story. Immediately kind of like the human part of me just started going. I felt bad for the guy. 
He had his prostate removed, he had prostate surgery. Okay. So a lot of guys that have prostate surgery, the doctors tell them straight up, like you might actually develop some type of erectile dysfunction issue. 
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