22. Does Shockwave Therapy Actually Reverse ED and Peyronie's? (Part 2/5)

How did shockwave therapy for ED and peyronie's become a "thing" in America?  It had already been successful in Europe, but the challenge was to get doctors and urologists to start using it on their patients.  It's now FDA Recognized and the clinical results, the "data," proved that it worked.
The big "Shockwave" company had to convince doctors and urologists to start using it in their practice to reverse their patients' erectile dysfunction and peyronie's disease.  They showed them the data, and for some, it convinced the doctors immediately.
We heard about it over a Ben Greenfield and Joe Rogan podcast.
We then incorporated it into our clinic, and men who had no more hope were able to finally reverse their problem.

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Show Notes:
The Novus Center, and Novowave:

[CLINICAL STUDY] Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Using Focused Linear Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwaves: Single-Blind, Sham-Controlled, Randomized Clinical Trial.

[CLINICAL STUDY] Is Low Intensity Shock Wave a Favorable Modality in The Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease?

[CLINICAL STUDY] Shockwave therapy as first-line treatment for Peyronie's disease: a prospective study:

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