24. Shockwave Therapy for Stronger Erections, Who It WON'T Work For and Prostate Surgery ED (Part 4/5)

Austin Wolff reveals who shockwave therapy WON'T work for when reversing erectile dysfunction.  Erections are a complicated issue with many factors contributing to their strength, or lack thereof.  Listen to see Austin break it down, simply.
Here are a list of Red Flags, and Black Flags, we use during our consultations with patients.  In order to keep our 90% success rate, we have to turn away "Black Flag" patients.  The other 10% that our treatments didn't work for had these Red Flags and failed to take care of them or address them in any way.
RED FLAGS (You Should Really Take Care of These As Well):
-High Blood Pressure
-Drinks alcohol every day
-Smokes cigarettes every day
-Poor diet
-No exercise
-Takes lots of painkillers
-On antidepressants
-Is currently depressed
-Had prostate surgery
-On finasteride (Propecia)
-Takes illegal drugs
-Doesn't really want to change

BLACK FLAGS (We Must Turn You Away As A Patient):
-Is obese AND has high blood pressure AND diabetes
-You've had a penile implant
-You had prostate surgery, and they "nicked" a nerve, and no you can't get erections even if you take a pill or injection
-Currently have cancer in the prostate area

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Show Notes:
[CLINICAL STUDIES] Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy: a review of preclinical studies:

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