14. This Urology Group Is Wrong And Dangerous

Today I discuss a common fallacy in doctor's offices and health care groups, regarding their excuses for not giving their patients access to shockwave therapy for ED and sexual performance.  Just because something is not FDA Approved, doesn't mean it's not safe.  
Conversely, just because something IS FDA Approved, DOES NOT mean it's completely safe.  Therefore, FDA Approval DOES NOT EQUAL Safety.  This is a common misconception, but the FDA's rule-of-thumb for approving a drug is "benefits outweighing the risks."  
This means there can still be dangerous risks associated with something that is FDA Approved.  No one should really on FDA Approval as the only means of effectiveness and safety. 
Instead, people should read the clinical studies and rely on the actual clinical evidence, not just blindly trust the FDA.  The FDA has retracted many drugs after people have died using them, so they're not always right either.  
I highly recommend everyone read the clinical evidence behind any claim and any treatment, as well as question the side effects and effectiveness.
It's doctors and health groups like this that insist FDA Approval equals Safety and Effectiveness, which simply just isn't true, and again, the clinical evidence trumps anyone's opinion, including mine, the FDA's, and your doctor's.

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