18. Were We Wrong About Stem Cells? (New Clinical Evidence Has Surfaced)

We may have been wrong about Stem Cells and how they work, according to studies tracking Stem Cells via MRIs.  Listen in, because this could change our entire understanding around Stem Cell Therapy and why stem cell exosomes may be the future of regenerative medicine, not just stem cells alone.

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Show Notes:
The long-term fate of mesenchymal stem cells labeled with magnetic resonance imaging-visible polymersomes in cerebral ischemia:

The stem cell secretome and its role in brain repair:

Expanding the Paracrine Hypothesis of Stem Cell-Mediated Repair in the Heart: When the unconventional becomes conventional:

How Stem Cells Speak with Host Immune Cells in Inflammatory Brain Diseases:

New perspectives of tissue remodelling with neural stem and progenitor cell-based therapies:

Stem cell paracrine actions and tissue regeneration:

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