Theresa Nguyen Wants You to Fight in the Open for Mental Health

On today’s episode, our guest is Theresa Nguyen. Theresa works for Mental Health America (MHA) to help people across the nation have greater access to mental health care through policy and programming. Along with supporting MHA’s federal and state policy agenda, Theresa manages various programs including MHA Screening, The State of Mental Health in America, and Workplace Wellness. 
Theresa’s also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Her clinical experience focused on working with children and adults with serious mental illness, homelessness, dual diagnosis treatment, and early intervention of psychosis.

And, finally, Theresa co-hosts Mental Health America’s podcast called In the Open. It's where Theresa and her co-host, America, have open conversations about mental health. Some of their episodes include "Medication Makes Me Feel Worse," "Why Am I So Hard On Myself?" and "Am I Sad or Depressed?"
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