Holocaust Music: Playing for Our Lives - Zarrow Mental Health Symposium Session

"All these evil things are being done to us and around us, but we're still here and we're still fighting. And, you know, historically music has always been those kinds of roles,  in particular in war time. But it takes on a much more, I believe, intense meaning when it comes to people who know that every moment that deaths is around the corner for them." -- Drew Diamond, Presenter, Zarrow Mental Health Symposium
On today’s episode, our guests are Drew Diamond, executive director of the Jewish Federation of Tulsa, and Nancy Pettus, its director of Holocaust Education.
Drew and Nancy will be featured at the Zarrow Mental Health Symposium during their session, "Holocaust Music: Playing for Our Lives."
The story of music in the ghettos and concentration camps is the story of a people's capacity to endure the most horrific of circumstances.
Register today at zarrowsymposium.org.
Learn more about the Jewish Federation of Tulsa: https://jewishtulsa.org/

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