Historical Trauma: From Shackles to Sooners - Zarrow Mental Health Symposium Session Preview

"1921 was a point in history that we all experienced, especially we can see that, that impact here in Tulsa, but guess what? The lingering effects are still here. And I feel like that is something that needs to be highlighted bolded and really still spoken about." --Joya Cleveland, Speaker, Zarrow Mental Health Symposium
On today’s episode, our guests are Joya Cleveland and Erika Stone-Burnett. They will be the co-presenters during the Zarrow Mental Health Symposium. They share about their session, "Historical Trauma: From Shackles to Sooners," and how it will provide mental health care providers with best-practice techniques for working with clients experiencing Colorist Historical Trauma, as well as ways to advocate.
Register for the Zarrow Mental Health Symposium at zarrowsymposium.org.

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