Hannibal Johnson & Randy Krehbiel "Tulsa, 1921: Reporting a Massacre"

"The people who built Greenwood did so in an era where, you know, their options and their opportunities were very limited, but they were able to take, you know, something, and in many cases it was literally nothing, you know, it was bare ground, and turned it into a place that they were really proud of." -- Randy Krehbiel, author of "Tulsa, 1921: Reporting a Massacre"
On today’s episode, our special guest host is Hannibal B. Johnson, Zarrow Mental Health Symposium keynote speaker and author of "Black Wall Street: From Riot to Renaissance in Tulsa's Historic Greenwood District." And our special guest for this episode is acclaimed author and Tulsa World newspaper reporter, Randy Krehbiel.
Hannibal and I asked Randy to be on the show today to talk about his book, “Tulsa 1921: Reporting a Massacre,” which won the 2020 Oklahoma Book Award in the Non-Fiction category.

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