"Connection" is the emotional food staple of life - Episode 50

Sheri Jacobs is the author of The Friendship Diet, a book about how women use food to cope with relationship troubles. She is a published, award-winning author, a certified and tenured NY teacher as well as a Texas certified teacher with ELA and ESL certification. She's also an active client of Pastorini-Bosby Talent Agency in Houston, TX with an extensive background performing on stage and in commercials and film. Sheri earned her Bachelor of Arts from Binghamton University and her Masters in English & Education from Stony Brook University. In this episode we got up close and personal with Sheri and I both opening up about their personal relationships and struggles with nutrition. We also discussed the correlation between unfilled relationships and self care, how loneliness is as dangerous as obesity and how you can "nourish" yourself.

Check out Sheri's website at www.sheri-jacobs.com/book-bonus
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