Portfolia's 2nd Femtech fund & empowering womxn investors- Episode 53

Trish Costello is founder and CEO of Portfolia, which offers a radically different investing process designed for women and other emerging investors. She is also co-founder and CEO Emeritus of the Kauffman Fellows Program, Center for Venture Education, the global educational institute preparing the leaders of the venture capital industry, located in Palo Alto, CA. Portfolia brings investing into the 21st Century, creating entrepreneurial funds focused where women make markets, such as women's health, active aging, consumer, enterprise, food & agtech, and fashion, tech and beauty. The investing experience is smart, personalized, and educational, providing returns and market impact customized to your interests. Portfolia is building a powerful global community of sophisticated investors focusing their money and influence to build the world they want. In this episode we discussed how Portfolia came to be, the first ever femtech-focused fund and how to empower more womxn to be investors.

Check out Portfolia at www.portfolia.co and to sign up for early access to their FemTech II Fund check out info.portfolia.com/femtech-ii
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