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Zayna Ratty

Zayna (She, Her, Hers) is an Intersectional GSRD Hypno-Psychotherapist specialising in LGBTQIA+, QTIPoC, BAME, CNM, Polyam and Alt based in Oxford and online at This year Zayna has been shortlisted for Positive LGBT Role Model at the The National Diversity Awards, Businesswoman of the year and won HypnoPsychotherapist of the year at The Oxfordshire Prestige Awards. Her charity, diversity consulting work and private therapeutic practice explore how race, gender, sexuality and relationship diversity create a prism of intersecting identities while working to decolonise traditional therapy. She is a D&I trainer, panel chair and presenter on intersectionality and cultural identity, sexuality, gender and relationship diversity plus she provides bespoke consultancy services to corporations and charities. Oxford University LGBTQIA+ Support Group lead and Turning Point LGBTQIA+ Substance misuse group co-facilitator. The first female PoC Chair of Oxford Pride and Chair of Oxford Friend. Zayna is also a Stonewall PoC and Schools Role Model, going into schools and talking about the acceptance of diversity and combatting HBT bullying. Columnist for OxMag and Fyne Times, she is a multimedia domain contributor on Mental Health and PoC issues. Zayna can be heard talking about NRE and swinging on The AtoZ of Sex podcast with Dr Lori Beth Bisbey.

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