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Divorce and Separation

New beginnings and possibilities.

So it turns out that the situation can't make it work. If it's a live-in, you split, and if it's a divorce, there is an awful lot of law involved. Some of you may opt for separation and hope that time and distance will heal things. While some of you will be looking forward to cutting ties and looking at a new phase of your life. Whatever your decision is, it's okay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! It takes time to heal, but many divorced people have had new relationships and new marriages, which they are happy in. Finding love again is possible!

Separation means that you're still in the marriage legally, but not co-habiting together. Going through a divorce is a legal process, and you remain no longer married to your partner.

If partners are willing to work on the issue and need space, then separation can be a great way to reconcile differences. It is also possible that you may end up divorcing a while after separation.

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