TickleLife Brand Resources

The following presents how TickleLife brand should be used, and what colors are to be used.

Brand Name

The name to be used is always “TickleLife“.

PS: Note the capitalisation 🙂

Logo and Symbol

The logo to be used is as follows.


You can use this logo/symbol to refer to TickleLife, as well as to associate your profile/content on TickleLife.

We recommend you show the icon with the red background, in case there are any background elements, and the white background if and only if, the background is white.

Minimum Size

Ensure that the logo is always at least 30px by 30px.

In a scenario, where you have to show a lower sized logo, and the name is not legible, you may use the symbol alone. Attached below

Listen on TickleLife Badge

Have your podcast/show listed on TickleLife? Use the button below to show the badge with pride on your website!

For any help, doubts or questions feel free to reach out to use at podcast@tickle.life.