Winter Wanderlust Valentine Vacation- Part iii

Author :- Celeste DeCarlo Jan. 30, 2022, 5:33 p.m.
Winter Wanderlust Valentine Vacation- Part iii

I got home from Sasha’s a little after 8:30 p.m. Pulling my collar up,  I rushed out of the car to escape the chilly night air. I was reaching  to put my key in the lock when I saw it. At my feet, centered on the  mat, was a sleek, black box with rose-gold script. Scooping it up,  I carried it into my kitchen where I promptly started my tea kettle.  As I waited for my tea to steep, I inspected the box. It had the same  stamped wax seal, emblazed with what was fast become my favorite  letter of the alphabet.  

S for Seduction 

That box had inside it another letter and two smaller, similar  black boxes. On the letter there was a large, bold number 3 printed in the same rose-gold script that had been used to write my name on  the outside of the box. On the boxes I found a 1 and a 2.  

Inside box number 1 there were four orbs the size of my fist, wrapped  in rose-gold foil placed in a square. At the center of the square was a  pair of thick candles and a very expensive rose-gold lighter. I picked  up the lighter, flipping up the lid and pressing a small button to start  the flame. It worked smoothly and without any of that lighter-fluid  stink. It had a perfectly etched “S” on the body that matched the S on  the wax seals. I placed the lighter back into the little groove where I  found it and picked up one of the shiny foil orbs. I peeled the paper  back just slightly and saw that it was a jet-black bath bomb. I held it  to my nose. The bath bomb smelled like cherries and cocoa.  

Box number 2 was long and skinny. I lifted the lid from it and notice  the bottom of the box was a tray that held two rows of 10 neatly  wrapped, rose-gold foil squares. Reaching to sample what I was sure  to be a decadent treat, I noticed a small, hand-written note in the lid  of the box.  

Curious kitten: Do not open these until you are instructed to do so.  

I stuck my tongue out at the note and realized I’d completely forgot ten my tea. Quickly disposing of the bags and hoping I hadn’t ruined  it, I added some honey and stirred gently while I read the letter.  

Just like the first one, this letter was hand-written on the same thick,  creamy stationery, contained in a luxurious black and rose-gold en velope. 

Happy Saturday, kitten.  

I’d like you to draw yourself a bath tonight. Select a nice,  clean towel and set it out where you can reach it on the table  near the tub. Light only one of these candles, and make sure  to bring your tea and the box of chocolates. Please bring  along one of your new bath bombs, they should be more than enough for that gorgeous garden tub of yours. Set the bath bomb and the chocolates near the towel by the tub, but do not open either of them until I give you permission, understand?  

When you get everything ready exactly as I have asked, I  want you to take a photo of the bathroom, send it to me in  a text message, take off all your clothes and kneel on your  bathmat. Do not move until I reply to you.  

Talk soon.  


I felt my heart race as I read His note. I was more than enthusiastic  to obey. So curious to know what He was up to, excited to play this  game with Him. I quickly wiped down my tub and the floor around  it, and then wasted no time getting the entire scene set exactly the  way He’d directed. When I unwrapped the heavy black pillar candle  to light it, I noticed that, like the bath bombs, it had a rich chocolate  cherry scent. Yum.  

When the bath was full and warm, and everything was as perfect as I  could make it, I took a photo of the scene and sent it to Him in a text.  

Me: I’m ready, Sir. xoxo 

I waited.  

S: Are you kneeling, little one?  

Me: Yes, Sir. I am.  

S: Show me.  

I sent a photo of my knees on the plush black mat near my garden  tub.  

S: You’re so good, pet. Connect this your Bluetooth and  push play – do not shuffle. 

He’d sent a link to a Spotify playlist titled simply “S”. I pushed play and heard the electronic buzzing and low base of Often by The  Weekend pulsing through the speakers in my room.  

S for Sensual  

I had the Playstation hooked up to play Spotify so that I could keep using the phone while I listened without interrupting the music.  There were about three dozen songs on the playlist, but before I had a chance to explore them, another text came through.  

S: Get in the tub and call me when you’re settled. Use your earbuds. You’ll need your hands to be free.  

My toes were cold, and the water was almost too warm at first. Eas ing myself all the way into the deep tub was a dream come true on this cold February night. I took a sip of my tea and dialed His number.  

“Hello, little one.” Something inside me fluttered at the sound of  His voice. We’d been together for years and He still had that effect on me.  

“Sir, this is all so lovely. Thank you so much for taking such good  care of me, even from so far away.” 

“We are barely getting started, kitten. But I’m glad you’re having  a good time. This is only a small taste of what awaits us both in  Asheville next week. Do you have your bath bomb and chocolates  nearby as I asked?” 

“They’re right here, Sir.”  

“You’re so good. I want you to unwrap your bath bomb and put it in  the tub. Talk to me while you do it. Describe what you see, what you  feel, what you smell.” 


Celeste DeMarco 

Carefully peeling back the foil from the tightly packed bath salts,  I breathed in the chocolatey goodness. “I haven’t put it in the wa ter yet, but I can already tell it is my absolute favorite smell in the  world. Cherries and chocolate. Mmmm. I love it!!” He chuckled at me but said nothing. “Sir it is so pretty!” I inhaled slowly and deeply, then breathed out a long sigh. “The whole bath is turning  dark black and – there are beautiful pink shimmers! Oh god and that  smell. Is that? Coffee, too? I’m in absolute heaven!”  

“Go on, kitten. How does it feel?” 

“The water is soft; it feels like silk on my skin. I have needed this  so much. Oh! There’s something floating in it!” I grabbed a small plastic ball that had popped to the surface.  

“Tell me what you see inside.”  

“This ring is breathtaking!” It was an inky black ring with a satin finish and a stripe of sparkling rose cold in the center. It fit perfectly on the middle finger of my right hand. “This is perfect for me. I’m  blown away by all of this – and by you. Thank you so much!”  

“Send me a photo! I want to see how it looks.” I held my hand up near my face and snapped a selfie that included the sexy ring along with my smiling face, bare shoulders, and collarbone. “You look  like a treasure. My perfect treasure,” He said. I blushed, grateful He couldn’t see. “Now you will do something for me. Are you ready for  that, little one?” 

“Yes, Sir,” I said.  

“I want you to exactly as you’re told. If you want to stop, say ‘Red’  and we will stop. Do you understand me?” 

“Yes, Sir.” I couldn’t help but smile.  

“Unwrap a chocolate and set it on top of the wrapper where you can 


Winter Wanderland 

reach it. Then go to song number 6 on your playlist, put it on repeat,  and press play.”  

S for Skin by Rihanna  

“Put the chocolate on your tongue and close your mouth. Do not  chew it or bite it half until you get to the center. Let it melt and swal low gently as it does.” 

The chocolates were large. Not so large that they couldn’t be eaten whole, but large enough that my mouth would be almost uncomfortably full. It was my favorite kind of chocolate in the entire world.  Dark chocolate. I suspected as soon as it hit my tongue that it had a cherry center. I hoped I was right. Chocolate-covered cherries are the most delicious candy on earth to me, and I’d never had any this delicious. Sir had spared no expense for me.  

“I want you to listen to the song and touch yourself. Pinch your nip ples, caress your soft belly, let your hands glide between your legs  and bring yourself pleasure.”  

I obeyed gleefully. I couldn’t speak with the candy on my tongue,  but I know He could hear my groans of pleasure as I explored the softness on my skin. Pinching my nipples caused me to squeal with joy and I heard Him let out a sharp sigh, so I knew He was touching Himself, too. “That’s so good, kitten. More of that.” I moaned an mmmmmm of the agreement through my gagged mouth and let my hands move further south. My breathing was heavy, and my heart was racing. “You sound so sexy. I love to hear you play with your 

self. I am so hard and so wet picturing you there in the tub, being  such a good kitten. Touch yourself the way you wish I would touch  you. You’re making me so happy, darling.” His own pleasure in my ear drove me wild. I let out a loud, moaning breath as I got closer and closer to orgasm. The music pulsed in the background, almost perfectly on cue.