TweetChat with The Secret Submissive - Erotic Writing

Author :- The Secret Submissive April 14, 2021, 9:21 p.m.
TweetChat with The Secret Submissive - Erotic Writing

The Secret Submissive’ is the author of honest & immersive BDSM erotica.  She is a British Indian author of honest and immersive erotic fiction, best known for writing A Taste of Submission – a 5-star one-handed-reads collection.

In addition, she  also writes short multi-genre stories, blending erotica with aspects of other genres, such as horror and magical realism.

She takes inspiration from my real-life experiences and desires, exploring the thrills and plights of young women, as they explore the daunting yet alluring world of BDSM. With this in mind, she is passionate about communicating the importance of trust, equality, and consent within a relationship, and I am a strong advocate for the eradication of abuse under the guise of BDSM. #LetsTickle @TSubmissive

Q1 What's the difference between erotica and romance?

A1 For me, romance is about the journey between two people and contains a love story, whereas erotica explores sexual connections. There are plenty of overlaps but erotica centers around sexual relations and they don’t always have to involve love!

Lots of my stories involve couples who share a healthy lust for one another, and strong sexual chemistry, but are not necessarily in love. I think it’s quite nice to portray that sex can be enjoyed in this way… safely, of course! Who agrees?

Q2 Is erotica writing only about sex?

A2 Great erotica must feature well-written, explicit sex, but it also needs the same ingredients as any genre. Characters must be developed & believable or the sex will fall flat! Similarly, we need to create a rich, dynamic world for them as this is their playground!

Q3 Does erotica romance readers expect a happy ending?

A3 I think that where love & lust merge, as with erotic romance, HEA or at least Happy For Now, is generally expected. This doesn’t mean that readers don’t enjoy seeing characters put through their paces, but fiction is a form of escapism so why not indulge & enjoy a Happily Ever After?

Q4 Are erotic stories more thrilling to edit than texts in other genres?

A4 I’ll be honest… I hate editing! It’s a chore. I often write from experience so when I’m editing a sex or punishment scene, I have to work even harder to concentrate & not wander back to that moment!

Q5 What are some of the most unsexy things you've read in a sex scene?

A5 It’s the same with sex acts! ‘I stabbed her with my dick’ or ‘I slammed straight into her ass’ are a couple of gems that made me cringe. Give me the kissing, condoms, lube, respect & communication; everything that actually makes sex sexy!

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