TweetChat with F*ck Buddies - Dating and Sex Advice

Author :- Fuck Buddies Podcast April 10, 2021, 2:32 p.m.
TweetChat with F*ck Buddies - Dating and Sex Advice

F*ck Buddies are a dating and sex advice podcast where they take your sticky, sexy situations and turn them into sexy, sticky situations.

Dain Miller and Niall Spain are two Toronto-based artists that co-host a weekly sex and dating advice podcast to combat toxic masculinity and rape culture while promoting sex-positivity. #LetsTickle @Fck_Buddies

Q1 Is post-sex sadness a real thing ?

A1 Absolutely, though I'd say it's more of post-sex guilt than sadness.  People can be overcome with shame after sex, particularly if they are using sex as a coping device as a means to validate their self-worth.  There are a few ways to avoid this 

Ways to combat this feeling are: make sure you're having sex when you want to have sex and not because you feel like it.  You never owe anyone sex!  Being engaged and excited about sex will help negate feeling like you just made a bad decision

However, there is also Postcoital dysphoria (PCD) which is the result of your hormones, adrenaline, and happy chemicals crashing after sex, which can give you feelings of sadness and shame.  Taking a second to cuddle your partner can help.

Q2 Does sex ever get boring ?

A2 Like all things, sex starts to lose its charm after a while. It's natural as you transition from the excitement of starting a sexual adventure with somebody to being so used to each other that the spark is somewhat smothered.

HOWEVER, that's not to say it HAS to go like this. Simple things such as checking in with your partner and making sure their needs are being met and spicing things up in the bedroom ( even just slightly ) can always reignite the spark.

Q3 Are you guys tired of all the sex questions, especially the ones that just keep being re-asked?

A3 Nah!  We knew going into this that we'd be hit with some of the big topics (lasting longer in bed, how to talk to women, insecurity about being cheated on) frequently, but every question has its own unique twist from person to person. If someone is willing to trust us for advice and with their problems, we are more than happy to answer and do our best to help them regardless of how many times we've answered a similar question.

However, we still will not answer questions about the size of our penises. #NiceTry

Q4 Is it a bad idea to date someone who pressured a girl into having sex with him in the past?

A4 Well, simply put, communication and consent are two of the most important things about a relationship. If you don't have a partner who respects those things, you're in for a bad time.

Q5 Is dating in a healthy relationship agreeing to stalk each other?

A5 I don't think healthy and stalking ever go side by side. The opposite is more true, really; a healthy relationship is about trust. We've said it before, and we'll say it again, there's no gray area there.

Originally went live @TickleLife on Twitter, on January, 29th '21.