Top Sex-Positive Artists to Follow on Instagram

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Oct. 13, 2021, 3:33 p.m.
Top Sex-Positive Artists to Follow on Instagram

Sex positivity focuses on exploring, embracing, and building consensual and healthy sexual connections. It is just one way of looking at it, and there are numerous other explanations available for sex positivity. Here, we will look into some of the best sex-positive artists on Instagram. You might be familiar with some of them. If not, why don't we find them together now?

Top Sex-Positive Artists on Instagram

Ciera Dykstra

Ciera Dykstra, a Colorado-based sex-positive artist, voices the significance of discovering pleasure through their artworks. When we stumbled upon the creatives by Ciera Dykstra, their color combinations mesmerized us. Dykstra is indeed a sex-positive artist and influencer you should follow on Instagram.

Scrolling through their Instagram handle would give you a vivid picture of the need for spreading sex-positive messages. When we asked them about the depiction of sex positivity through art, they said:

Sexual liberation and pleasure are political. I use my art to raise awareness of this and increase the conversation about why it is political. People of marginalized groups like women and the LGBTQ+ community have been shamed and punished for their sexuality and journey to pleasure. I try to use my art to explore conversations that have been historically taboo and hope that it empowers others like it has helped to empower me over the years. Education and conversation are key to sexual liberation, and I find art to be a helpful tool in the journey.

Besides that, they have showcased artworks that represent how our relationship with our body evolves. Ciera Dykstra also has a sustainable fruit jewelry collection worth exploring as they focus on zero waste production through this initiative.

Kasi Turpin

Red is a color that portrays enumerable meanings and symbols. It touches and spreads associations related to love, passion, anger, and life. Artists for centuries have blended red as a color of life force- a driving passion. Kasi Turpin's artworks employ the color red in a mesmerizing way. 

Turpin presents the significance of feeling yourself, self-love, and sex-positivity through their digital art creations. The way the creator represents the prevalence of the orgasmic gap is yet another factor that makes Turpin one of the best sex-positive influencers on Instagram. One of the series that caught our attention is the 36 Days of Type. It is a beautifully curated series that showcases an interpretation of all the alphabets and numbers. 

Nikki Peck

Nikki Peck is yet another sex-positive artist that has acquired a place in our top sex-positive artists and influencers to follow on Instagram. In a nutshell, her art speaks for herself. Peck is a Canadian artist who brings forth narratives that are strong and confident sexually. Her artworks depict the significance of exploring female sexuality. One of her series that grabbed our attention is the 'Nipple Mania.'

Peck also voices the need for finding ourselves through her creative works. You can see the importance given to self-pleasure in her creatives. Censorship of sex-positive art is yet another factor that she touches through the descriptions she writes.

Jordyn Mcgeachin

Mcgeachin’s art is poetic. By employing pastel shades such as millennial pink, Mcgeachin creates a visual vignette through her art. Through this, the artist brings forth openness, relaxation, and lusciousness. Akin to other best sex-positive artists on Instagram, Mcgeachin also moves away from the archetypal image of women and beauty.

The pieces that you can find on Mcgeachin’s Instagram feed represent the need for self-care, self-love, and building intimacy with ourselves. You can also notice how the artist puts forth snippets of the motifs of each piece in the form of posters, paintings within the creative works.

Meg Primmer

Sex-positive art is incredibly important in today’s world as it encourages women to feel more open and comfortable with discussing sex and enjoying sex. It also allows individuals to explore their bodies and get in touch with their sensual sides without shame.

Primmer's artworks depict feminine energy in a mesmerizing way. Meg focuses on pastel shades to portray passion. Primmer celebrates sex positivity and, at the same time, shows the need for everyone to embrace their sexual needs. She is also the creator of the 50 Vulvas Project. Here, she represents the need for removing the stigmas associated with vulvas and showcases vulva diversity through art.

Vulva Glow

Vulva Glow delves into numerous aspects associated with vulvas and takes the initiative to normalize vulvas, stretch marks, pores. Here, she emphasizes pleasure and bringing forth confidence. When you look into the creatives made by Vulva Glow, you can notice that she represents the need for setting boundaries. 

Besides that, she also brings in the need to embrace our natural self. She strives to remove the concepts of sexist beauty. Her art is a depiction of empowerment and spreading body positivity as well. 

Taylor Steinbeck

Taylor Steinbeck is a San-Francisco-based sex-positive artist. Through her artworks, she reaches into different dimensions of sexuality. She represents the need for us to remove the myths associated with bisexuality, asexuality through her artworks.

The creatives by Taylor Steinbeck also open the discussion for evading toxic masculinity. She portrays the need for focusing on self-pleasure and liberation as well.

These are some of the sex-positive artists on Instagram who can inspire you. Bringing forth sex-positivity through art and representation is a crucial step in sex-ed. You can learn and understand a lot as you observe them. 

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