Top 5 Myths About Bisexuality

Author :- Claire Copeland June 10, 2020, 9:50 a.m.
Top 5 Myths About Bisexuality

As with most communities, there are many popular myths about bisexuality.  If you are bi, you’ve probably heard at least one of these. If not, here are just a few myths bi people don’t want you to believe:

Bi People are Just “Greedy”

This statement suggests that bi people are so greedy they can’t just have one gender because they want it all.  This is in no way how sexual attraction works. As most of the LGBT community knows, you can’t choose who you are attracted to. And if there doesn't seem to be consistency in your love interests' gender, you're bisexual! It's not so difficult to grasp once you understand the fluidity of sexuality.

Bi People Need to Choose a Side

Heterosexuality and homosexuality are not opposite sides of a coin.  Sexuality is more like a range of colors, and you can fall anywhere on the color palette.  No matter the gender of your current partner, you are not choosing sides. Sticking with a long-term partner of the same sex doesn’t mean you have decided you’re gay; it simply means you have found someone you want to commit to.  

You can be “not bi Enough”

It is frustrating to have your sexuality questioned, but it’s a frustration people in the LGBT community face all the time, even from each other.  If you happened to have dated mostly women, that doesn’t make you any less bi than someone who has dated equal numbers of men and women. There is no such thing as not acting “straight enough” or “gay enough.”  You could have had sex with only men and still be bi if you are attracted to women. Behavior is just one component of sexuality.  

“Do you fall in love with boys or with girls?" I asked her. "Sometimes boys," she replied. "Mostly souls.” 

Juansen Dizon

Bi People are Just Experimenting

Yes, I’m sure I’m really bi.  No, I don’t just like to flirt.  What must bi people do to prove their sexuality?  Sometimes even people who identify as gay or lesbian can be cautious of bi people, afraid that they are just experimenting, or are unsure of their sexuality.  If you are attracted to more than one gender, people get hesitant, and it’s unfair for bi people to have to always validate their sexuality by others’ standards.    

Bisexuality is not as Inclusive as Pansexuality

Pansexuality is sexual attraction regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity.  Some think that this means pansexuality is more inclusive of others, such as non-binary or genderfluid people.  However, bisexuality is sexual attraction to two or more genders.  So, bisexuality can include those folks too.  Some people may prefer the term pansexuality to be more overt about that inclusion.  I would advise you to pick whichever label you feel comfortable with.

As a member of the LGBT community, negative stereotypes and accusations follow us through our everyday lives.  But I hope that more awareness about myths such as these begins to spread, and ignorance about bisexuality becomes merely an uncommon annoyance.