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Tickle.Interview: CBD for the LGBT Community!

Shakun May 06

Tickle.Interview: CBD for the LGBT Community!

In this episode of #MentalHealth, Tickle.Life brings to you an exclusive interview hosted by our founder, Shakun, with the founder of Out & About, Wayne Carkeek and his engagement with CBD.

The conversation explores Wayne's own personal battles with mental health, especially anxiety, and issues pertaining to dealing with the moralities of a binary world. He further explores his experience with CBD, and how it empowered him to break out of the emotional and mental load of a deteriorating mental health, as well as adapt a positive approach vis-a-vis embracing his life.

He has hence started this venture to support the LGBT community using CBT. With the help of his new venture, he feels he can stand by the people of his community and help them fight through their problems along with providing pleasure!

Watch him explore his motivation, passion and products in detail. If you're curious (or you know someone who definitely is) about CBD to ease your tensions, or want to learn how it can actually aid in sexual fulfillment (!), listen to this and share around!

You can know more about this venture, and shop for their products here.


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