The Ending of the G-Spot

Author :- Jennifer McBlaine, PhD Oct. 13, 2020, 1:03 p.m.
The Ending of the G-Spot

It is a wonderful day because Cosmopolitan magazine published an article titled The G-Spot doesn’t exist. K&T (Kiss and Tell Magazine) published that 5 years ago, The fallacy of the G-spot. Actually, my doctoral dissertation in 2006 had the same title. While writing my dissertation, I felt obligated to at least share with all my female friends that the G-spot didn’t exist however they refused to believe that their partners and themselves had wasted a significant amount of time looking for this “magical” spot.

During that time, the G-spot was a topic; like many regarding sex, where there was a clear divide. People who believed and people who didn’t. 

My academic committee at that time advised me to publish it as a book. I was so happy they thought my dissertation was that good, it should be sold at a bookstore.

Regrettably, I chickened out because I feared the backlash that it may cause with other professionals. I thought it would cause some professionals to argue that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I knew many women; from doing the research, who truly believed they had the G-spot and it existed.

Put it to Rest

Let’s officially end the G-spot looking for, and discussing it. Put it to rest. K&T and Cosmopolitan are on the same page. The G-spot does not exist. It is a misconception.

For too long, it has wasted many couples time to locate this spot and wasted money on buying sex toys that were supposed to aid in finding this spot.

Sadly, it has also caused women to feel inadequate and frustrated in not being able to find this G-spot.

Let this be a turning point for men and women to redefine what is sexual pleasure. Sexual pleasure and satisfaction are defined by the connection created through intimacy. Intimacy is created by communicating honestly about what turns you on and off. Women have many erogenous zones all over their bodies. Don’t limit yourself by focusing on only one particular part of the body to achieve sexual gratification. 

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