Six Month Sex Challenge-Introduction

Author :- Dr. Trina Read Feb. 16, 2021, 9:51 a.m.
Six Month Sex Challenge-Introduction

In October of 2009, my second son was born. Getting my sex life back on track was weighing heavy on me, so I decided to make it a project. (My husband had mixed feelings about me blogging about our sex life.) I wanted to help myself and at the same time help other moms figure out how to make sex and intimacy work while in the throes of a young family. From December to May I wrote a weekly blog about my experiences and called it The Six Month Sex Challenge.

I originally posted every week on other websites that no longer carry it. Over the years, I've had a number of new moms ask me where they could read it; which is the reason I decided to re-publish it here.

Reading this entire blog series, you will find my writing is a bit shaky during some weeks. I found out it's much easier to have sex than make the time and effort to blog about it.

Thank you for sharing this experience with me and please leave comments if you have useful tips for other moms.

Sex after baby. What a crazy time in a couple’s sex life.

It’s been six weeks since I had my newest son, Evan, and it’s time to resume "sexual relations". After having my first son, Andrew (who’s now 26 months), trying to get sex back on track was, at times, a complete gong show. And that was with me making a concerted effort to have sex at least once a week.

With that in mind this time around, I’ve decided to make sex after this baby a project. For the next six months, I will attempt to have sex with my husband at least once a week. That doesn't seem like much--especially since this is supposed to be a challenge. So I decided to up the ante.

We're not just going to have just any old sex. Oh, no.

We will try out all different sorts of things each week. We’ll test drive techniques like erotic massage, sex toys (there are so many), and other products like sexy board games to see how and if they work.

Once a week the sex will be all about me and the alternative week the sex will be all about my husband.

We’ll see how having scheduled and planned out sex works through exhaustion, teething, flu season, and all the other things that got in the way of great sex with my first child.

My Thoughts At The Start Of This Challenge

  • Initially, I’m really excited about doing this. I’m eager to resume having sex with my husband—and potentially great sex too.
  • I really like the idea of trying out a bunch of new ideas.
  • I’ve always wanted to create a resource of ideas for moms on what works and doesn’t work. I hope by trying all these different ideas and products, it will give women a good idea for their own sex.
  • My mantra as a sex expert is that a woman must know what makes her sexually satisfied—and then she needs to ask for it to happen. She cannot and should not rely on her partner to figure that out for her.
  • By me making the sex about my wants and desires, I hope to inspire women to do the same.

The Six Month Sex Challenge might be brilliant, or it might be a bust. I hope you follow along to see what each week brings.

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