Seven favorite apps to keep you company during lockdown!

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team June 10, 2020, 9:57 a.m.
Seven favorite apps to keep you company during lockdown!

Coronavirus has had us all being asked to lock ourselves in our home, and only march out the “physical distance” way. However, staying isolated for so long can make you go crazy. At least it can, to us. 

Thankfully, people who are privileged enough are utilising their time exploring new, virtual things, from workouts to meditations, to learning new skills. We’ve hence come up with 7 apps to spice up your lockdown!

Date away (virtually) with Grindr and Tinder!

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If you feel that dating apps have no relevance now that we’re in a lockdown, think again. Grindr has made some premium features free. You can now browse up to 300 profile and chat with more people! Might as well not isolate yourself and have some online fun.

Tinder has also introduced a “passport” feature, that lets you talk to people from across the world. Given that we have a lot of time to pass, we would not mind fun of this kind!

Insight Timer

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It is super important to take care of your mental health right now. Insight Timer aims at just that - featuring over 100 meditations, yoga therapies and other healing modalities which otherwise would cost you a bomb. They also have calming bedtime stories to put you to sleep, and animated clips when you want to see something nice and relaxed!


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Feeling super lonely? Have no one to talk to? You can reach out to a large community of people who are going through a turmoil of emotions and diverse interpersonal and intrapersonal experiences. By using TalkLife, you will feel that you are not suffering alone.

You can go through the status updates of many other people and identify and empathise with their lived reality. You can write on TalkLife about your feelings and struggles and look forward to the compassionate responses that the community on TalkLife gives you.

With TalkLife, you are sure to find people to listen to you when you need to vent out your suppressed emotions.


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Workouts are absolutely vital to feel charged up, pumped and nice and sweaty! They're also a great way to make you feel sexy this lockdown.

That run might be even more difficult to commit to, now that we’re in a lockdown, but you can totally smash it at home, with minimal equipment, using free workouts from FitOn! With options for HIIT, Strength and much more, you can time yourself and achieve your goals!

Try DoYou

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This takes story porn further in a hotter, more ethical, and more inclusive way! The Do You app allows you to experience pleasure YOUR way - you choose the role that you play, what you do, and how you want to feel about it.

Not only does it aim to spread the empowering nature of erotica, but seeks to open up those who have trouble sexually expressing themselves. This framework allows more room for women and non-binary people to explore their erotic desires, and play more with their dreams!


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Youper is proof of the fact that artificial intelligence can achieve great things! Youper made me believe in the power of artificial intelligence to positively change lives. Youper is an “emotional health assistant”. It chats with you like a real insightful compassionate person would. It is like basic therapy.

We can’t go out to talk to psychotherapists, but we can surely try Youper! Chatting with Youper makes you reflect on your thoughts and emotions. Youper is an app you should certainly give a shot at if you want someone to empathise with you and talk to you in an insightful manner.

Having said all this, we know for certain that apps cannot replace the joyful experience we have while socializing outside with friends. But the Coronavirus crisis has made it obvious that right now it is not entertainment we are seeking when the whole humanity is aiming to just survive the pandemic.

Here is a little step towards thriving during this pandemic!

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