Oral Sex and Kamasutra: 8 Steps to Do It

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Nov. 6, 2023, 10:18 a.m.
Oral Sex and Kamasutra: 8 Steps to Do It

Kamasutra is a book that delves deeper into erotic science and lays down the foundation of how one should live their life appropriately. Even though many consider it as a manifesto containing information on sex, it goes beyond that and focuses on sensuality. It includes a variety of topics ranging from music to food along with sexuality. 

In Book II of Kamasutra, Vatsyana looks into different aspects associated with sexual union. Here, he focuses on embracing, kissing, biting, scratching, sexual positions, oral sex, etc., 

In this article, we will look into the eight ways to engage in oral sex as per the Kamasutra. In the book, Vatsyayana sets the scene where eunuchs disguised as me are shampooing the man. They then proceed to engage in oral sex. Here, the man would have his penis erect, and after understanding the intentions, the man won’t encourage the eunuch to continue.

Instead, he proceeds with the oral congress. But, there is a conflict between them, and he would only provide consent after some time. Remember that the details provided here are based purely on the description available in the Kamasutra.

Between the Lips

In this oral congress position mentioned in the Kamasutra, you can hold the penis and place it between your lips. As you do it, you can move your mouth on your partner’s penis. Here, your partner can move their lips in circles as if forming an O shape. It is indeed a highly pleasurable pose that you and your partner can try out.

Biting the Sides

Since the poses in the oral congress are in continuation, you can move forward to biting the sides of your partner’s penis after the first one. Here, your partner can cover the end of their penis with their fingers. It would resemble a flower or plant’s bud. 
While doing so, the other partner can use their lips and teeth. This position is known as biting the sides because the person using their mouth would be biting the penis, using their teeth on the side of the penis. It is yet another pose that you can try out with your partner to enhance the pleasure gained during the oral congress, which is an excellent way to build your intimate connection.</p>

Pressing Outside

As you continue biting the sides of the penis, you can proceed by pressing the penis between your lips and kissing it. Here, you can pull the soft skin as a way of pleasing your partner. It is a method commonly known as outside pressing. Incase you are uncomfortable and want to see what ecstasy, looks like when a man reaches his pinacle, this post is a good read. 

Pressing Inside

Similar to the previous pose, pressing inside is a continuation of the pressing outside pose. Here, with consent, you can put the penis into your mouth. You can proceed further by pressing it with your lips and taking it out. You can continue this pose as a way of enhancing the pleasure gained by your partner. 

Kissing the Penis

Here, you can move forward by taking the penis of your partner in your hand. You can then play with it and fondle it. As you continue to engage in oral sex, you can kiss your partner’s penis as if you are kissing their lower lip. In this position, you can keep your lips around and provide fierce kisses to your partner as a way of depicting your affection. While kissing, you can also try out sucking the penis. It is something that your partner would love. However, ensure that both you and your partner are enjoying the moment. 


After kissing the penis, you can move forward and touch it with your tongue. You can do it everywhere on the penis. Here, you can strike your tongue repeatedly to enhance the pleasure gained in the moment. It is also beneficial to do so at the tip of the penis as it is highly sensitive. Through this, you and your partner can work your way to pleasure each other to the next level. It can also assist in building intimacy between you and your partner.

Sucking a Mango

Similar to the previous pose, you can put half of your partner’s penis into your mouth. During this time, passion would be at its peak, and you can continue to kiss your partner’s penis. Then, you can proceed to suck it as if stripping a mango-stone clean. It is because, in this pose, the sucking would be much more vigorous than the previous poses. The intimate fire present in this time will be way beyond words can describe in most cases.


Swallowing is the last of the positions of oral sex. Here, you have to proceed after acquiring consent from the penis owner. If your partner agrees, you can put the whole penis in your mouth and press it. It will be similar to swallowing the entire penis. Here, the focus will be on helping your partner attain orgasm. 

These are the eight ways through which you can try out oral sex or congress with your partner as per the Kamasutra. 

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