Nursing My Needs

Author :- Clementine Lips March 3, 2021, 8:09 a.m.
Nursing My Needs

A prick on the butt was never so pleasurable

The doctor had told me I was worryingly down on B12. I didn't even know what that implied, but she sounded very worried and she had told me I had to get five shots to restore me to normal levels. I stayed in the waiting room for a while, until the nurse came to get me. He was the only male nurse in the small clinic, so I'd already checked him out. He told me to come through another room that only had a couple of cupboards and one of those examination seats.

He started to rummage around in the cupboards in search, I assumed, of the needle. That gave me the chance to admire his fine ass. It was a pity that we were meeting in such professional circumstances because I most definitely would have tried something if we were at a bar. It seemed completely inappropriate here though, so I moved my eyes away from the temptation. But he also had a septum and frigging green eyes, so it took a lot of willpower to do so.

I felt very proud of myself when he finally found everything he needed since I'd managed to make my interest quite discreet (or so I thought).

"We'll have to alternate between both sides so that it doesn't get too painful, so which side do you prefer today?"

"Sorry, what? No one told me it was going to be that painful! Where are you supposed to inject?"

"Well... it has to be on your buttocks. You can lean over or lie on the chair, as you prefer. I'd prefer the first option because I have a better angle," little did I know this was actually totally untrue. It doesn't matter if you are lying down or bending over, but of course, he didn't want a better angle—he wanted a better view.

I moved my pants down and leaned over, thinking this would be faster than climbing on the bed. It seemed less official. I could hear him preparing the injection behind me. My pulse accelerated slightly when I felt the cold touch of the disinfectant on my skin.

"One, two... three," he said, and then I felt the prick of the needle on my butt. I couldn't help but tense my cheeks and as the liquid slowly came out, I started to bite my lips to help with the pain. It was that subtly numbing type of pain that, although completely endurable, is really unpleasant and leaves a memory of the pain even when it's gone.

"I'm going to have to massage it so that the liquid spreads, okay? If you are uncomfortable I can call one of my female colleagues."

To be honest, I was feeling quite tense, but the fact that he volunteered to go made me feel more secure, so I said it wasn't necessary. Now that I felt safer, I could fully enjoy the butt massage from a seriously cute (and sensitive) guy. Maybe the one who should be uncomfortable was him.

His fingers started to press on the place where the needle had gone in. That hurt a bit and I visibly flinched.

"I'm sorry, I'll be more gentle."

Without releasing the pressure, he continued to rub me close to the small wound. And continued. And continued. He started to move away from the injection site, slowly descending over my buttock. His other hand appeared on my left cheek. I was enjoying it, so I didn't say anything. To be honest, I had already fantasized about this guy in my room before we even started, but why not try in a different setting? The room seemed private enough, and we already had a bed if we needed one.

He moved my panties out of the way, down to meet my trousers at my ankles. Slowly, he searched between my legs for my lips and opened them. He stroked back and forth until I was so wet his fingers just slipped without any friction. I had parted my legs further for him to have better reach. I hadn't counted on the fact that more space down there also meant access for bigger things. Before I could really react, his face was between my legs; his tongue exploring inside me first, then moving to my clit.

A moan escaped my lips, and he stopped suddenly. I froze, thinking maybe something was wrong. Didn't he like this?

"Please don't do that, they might hear us."

I blushed bright red; I had completely forgotten we were in a hospital room and that other people were waiting right outside the door. I bit my lips as he continued with his activity between my legs to avoid further interruptions from my hyperactive mouth.

I couldn't really do much in that position, so I just relaxed and took pleasure in this powerful but at the same time vulnerable position I was in. After a while I guess he got bored and he moved away. I heard him rummaging in the drawers and finally, the crackle of the condom wrapping being torn and thrown in the rubbish.

Good action was coming my way and I couldn't be better prepared. I arched my back and opened my legs further, leaning my weight on my arms. He approached my entrance slowly until I noticed a slight pressure there. We stayed like that for a moment, taking in what was about to happen. Then I moved backward and engulfed him. We started to move backward and forwards, synchronized. He slipped his hand over my stomach and further down and started to stroke me. I could feel his chest on my back. I felt surrounded, ultra stimulated. I accelerated. I could hear the sound of my buttocks colliding with him. The squeak of the hospital bed we were leaning over was camouflaged with the ruffle of the sheets, the muffled gasps, and grunts.

The situation was so overwhelming, I knew couldn't hold it much longer. With my eyes closed, I steadied myself for the wave of tension and release that I could feel right around the corner. My breathing accelerated. I was so ready. And then...

Sudden stop.

What the hell. What was he playing at, suddenly stopping like this, without a warning? I tried to push him back so that I could stare him right in the eye with my furious gaze and ask him what he thought he was doing when I saw her. The doctor. Standing right in the doorway, looking at us. Mouth hanging open. Did I read surprise or outrage in her stare?

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Note: this adventure is pure fiction. All similarities with other buildings or work relationships are pure coincidences.

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