Know Thyself and Know Thy Partner(s): An Overview of Light My Fire

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team Sept. 20, 2021, 9:49 a.m.
Know Thyself and Know Thy Partner(s): An Overview of Light My Fire

Conducted across three continents with nine sexual well-being experts and one fifty participants, Light My Fire is the first among a series of workshops under the banner of Beyond the Basics. Created after performing an extensive research study for over eight months, Light My Fire delves deeper into terminologies, misconceptions and offers comprehensive tips.

With sex experts and sex-positive professionals from across the world, Light My Fire breaks up myths and builds up facts. Whether you are single or in a relationship, you could find components that can help you build intimacy with yourself and your partner(s) from this workshop. 

Here, we have taken a deeper dive into factors that can help you build your dating life as well. From knowing yourself to knowing your partner(s), Light My Fire can enhance your sexual health and well-being. Find out what we have to offer at Light My Fire here.

Importance of Communication

From flirting to in-depth conversations, communication can improve a relationship's effectiveness. You can interact depending upon the communication style that works best for you and your partner. For some of you, it might be journaling. For some others, it would be face-to-face interactions. 

Regardless of the style, ensure that you are comfortable in the language used by your partner(s). As part of the workshop, you can find different ways to build effective communication. You can also get a Yes/No/Maybe list with a bank of terms suitable for creating safe conversations. This list would be beneficial for you and your partner to get a better understanding of each other. 

But, remember that the responses you provide in this trauma-informed list can change with time. Besides, both of you have to ensure that you are not judging your partner for their response. Most importantly, you and your partner can make this checklist as a conversation starter.

Understanding the Cues

Light My Fire delves into the details of understanding different environmental and sexual cues. They can help you make the right decision based on the situation. 

Since your brain always looks for cues, understanding them can be highly beneficial. Through the workshop, our sexual wellness experts explain the different ways by which you can recognize and respond to them. 

In simple terms, there can be hot cues and not cues. Your sexual desire would be processing these hot and not cues while taking action. 

When it comes to sexual arousal, it happens in your body based on your sexual desire. You would be expressing your sexual arousal in the form of different responses. They range from pupil dilation to the feeling of butterflies in your stomach. 

You can explore more details on sexual desire and arousal as well through this workshop.

Bringing in Imagination and Creativity

Regardless of the relationship style you and your partner follow, bringing in imagination and creativity can spice things up. Remember that the end goal here is to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. You and your partner can take imagination for pleasure and adventure.

Sometimes you might be busy with work. At these times, you can try out scheduled sex. It can even build up your curiosity and help your mind and body to be prepared for the moment. You can find more about scheduled sex and similar by becoming a part of the workshop that will be relaunching soon. Through our handouts, you can also find different creative ways by which you can rekindle your sex life. It is also effective in acquiring a deeper understanding of your partner.

Overcoming Issues in a Relationship

Your relationship with your partner or yourself might get affected when you are under medications or have a lot of stress. Hence, it could result in misunderstandings and dissatisfaction. Therefore, it is always best to work your way out of these issues you have in your relationship. 

When it comes to stress-related concerns, they can hamper your mood and, at times, your relationship. If you have a similar issue, Light My Fire has a solution for you. You can also use our worksheet, which we provide as part of our workshop. This worksheet contains six scientifically proven ways to get over the stress cycle. 

What Are the People Saying About Light My Fire?

Through this workshop, you can enhance the effectiveness of your relationship. You can also find different ways to overcome issues you might have. Before we conclude, here is what our participants say about the workshop.

“I liked how upbeat they were throughout. It was a very energetic session, and everyone was thoroughly engaged. But perhaps, shorter sessions would be more useful.”

“I enjoyed that the workshop was informative yet comical. Some people may feel uncomfortable with this topic but they make it easy. ?”

“We are trying to reconnect sexually, after a long time not being able to due to illness. Calandra suggested very simply, just laying in bed naked with each other, which we have not done in years. Also scheduling when, in our diaries. An excellent idea, if we don’t, it just will not happen.”

“Smart, sensitive sex ed. No matter how much you already know about yourself and the topic, you’ll find something new to appreciate in Light My Fire.”

By the way, if you have missed Light My Fire last time, we are back this October. Click here for the waitlist, or write to us at social@tickle.life.