Interview with Krystal

Author :- Shakun June 10, 2020, 9:52 a.m.
Interview with Krystal

Today on #sexpressions: our founder, Shakun Sethi in conversation with sex positive blogger and one of our collaborators, Krystal!

She explores pretty much everything non-monogamous. What does non-monogamy entail? What is the difference between an open relationship, non-monogamous relationship and cheating?

Why is discourse around sexuality important? How to deal with jealously in a non-monogamous relationship? She answers these integral questions and more! They also discuss normalising such relationships, acceptance from society and her own journey exploring relationships. Whether you feel like you are taking too long to explore relationships, or are facing difficulty with coming to terms with the fact that you are interested in different kinds of them, this interview will rid you of all your contentions. 

Explore what Krystal writes at BreakingAwayFromMonogamy.com.

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