Jennifer Minor is a therapist working with sex-positivity.  She lives in Austin, Texas. She is the founder of Sex Love Therapy,  a platform to normalize and encourage sex-positivity

What is sex positivity? “It is a way of being, it is how we align with our values and belief and find balanced sexual expression. ” Jeniffer tells us about the four main components to sex positivity: pleasure, responsibility, inclusivity and diversity. 

“Sex-positivity comes from a place of empowerment, honesty, communication and trust.” Everyone is allowed to find their balance and limits, whether they are deserved or expressive of their sexuality. Self-exploration and acceptance is the route to having safe, consensual and pleasurable sexual experiences. 

Sex positivity is not uprooting culture, it is incorporating the culture and learning to mindfully express yourself within it. Dealing with a spectrum of clients from poly to celibate Jeniffer talks about each one being at a different stage of their journey to sex-positivity. 

She bust myths and fallacies like “you should orgasm every time you have sex” or “women should save themselves for their husband”. Sex is natural and pleasurable, not just a tool to serve men. 

Know more about sex-positivity and embark on your own journey with, Sex Love Therapy to find out how you can get the help you need!

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