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Interview with Jennifer Beman

Shakun Feb 13 2020

Interview with Jennifer Beman

Jennifer Beman is a sexual health and wellness entrepreneur. She is the founder of Graphic Sex Project. She aims to expand this project to colleges and engage with students to start sex-positive conversations. She is also the founder of a women support group to have conversations about sex. 

The graphic sex project started as a series of installations. People get 1 cm cubes to make graphs illustrating their favourite sexual flow, sexual values and preferences. She used to have people make them live and put them on display. These graphs help illustrate a social taboo as colourful art while still keeping it intimate. It often motives open healthy conversations about sex. 

These are a sort of  “Sexual Script” that encourages the artist to think of their desires and preferences. People can create their fantasy, their imagination or even their reality. The ideas presented on these graphs are interesting studies of social and cultural influences on one’s ideas of sex. It is a peek into what they like, what is their standard experience and to them what is the beginning of a sexual experience. 

Jennifer says that these graphs changed her immensely as a sexual health and wellness entrepreneur. It has made her rethink her sexual experiences. She believes that the conversations they initiate bring immense benefits. They help alleviate stress, issues and fears around sex. The more people have these conversations, the easier it is to have them. Every conversation helps get past the shame and taboo associated with sex. It breeds closeness between people. 

Find out more about these graphs and how you can make one of your own as Jennifer shares her journey. These graphs can be just what you need. Get clarity as you introspect your sexual experience and desires, spice up your sex life by sharing these “sexual scripts” with your partner and so much more!


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