Impossible Sex Positions

Author :- Miranda Davis March 30, 2021, 8:06 a.m.
Impossible Sex Positions

Imagine that you have met the perfect date on the best online dating sites, and you are planning to go ahead with the physical intimacy. However, your partner is a wild one and wants to experiment as you go along. No, we are not talking about BDSM. Your partner wants to get into positions that you never thought existed! You have been reading books about how to have great sex in a relationship; however, you were very much unprepared for this.

Yes, there are some types of sex positions that are impossible to do that people merely ignore their existence. Of course, there are some classic favorites like the dog-style and the missionary. One thing that is written in every type of sex tips manual is to try something new. If you are willing to do this, then this article is for you.

What are some impossible sex positions?

Here are some nearly-impossible sex positions that you can consider trying:

1. The Head Spinner

Some of the most interesting sex tips and ideas would be where the male is head spinning with split legs while the female is wrapped around the torso and scissoring away between his legs. Unless you are dating a break-dancer (or you, yourself are one), why would you try this position?  This position is almost impossible because you and your partner will have to be agile, flexible, strong, and coordinated. Even if you manage to do so, you will surely be in a lot of pain the next day!

2. The Wallflower

If you are looking for sex tips for better sex, read further. As you can guess by the name, the wall will be your primary support for this position. The female will stand side towards the wall and raise the leg that is furthest away from it. The male will then stand between the thighs and face the wall, all while supporting the woman's raised leg with his hand. Apart from a lot of instructions, this position sounds hugely tiring. Instead, you can try this position in bed.

3. Pair Of Tongs

In this position, the woman will hang off the bed sideways while supporting her weight with one arm. The man will hold her waist, straddling her lower leg, and get on with the penetration. When you picture this position in your mind, you will definitely laugh out loud! This position is all about strength. Imagine a side plank – you need to have tremendous upper body strength to get it done. And let's be real – while most of us are physically strong, the side plank is something even professional bodybuilders stay away from. And, this is speaking something!

4. The Backbreaker

Here’s one of the best sex tips that you can find. Do not try the backbreaker. In this position, the woman will start by standing on the bed. Meanwhile, the man will levitate mid-air while the woman will sit upon the penis. Additionally, her legs will be hooked around his neck. Once both partners get into the position, the woman can fall backward in unison. As you have already guessed from the name, this position can be quite taxing for the back. Even if the man manages to levitate, he will not move this pelvis in a pleasurable way.

Sex tips: Final thoughts

Similar to the above, there are a lot of crazy sex positions that are deemed almost impossible. While these positions are not necessarily impossible, executing them is hard work. While trying out new positions will definitely improve your sex life, most sex tips for relationships state that keeping things easy and spontaneous is the best option.

What are your favorite sex positions? Share them below so that other readers can learn them!

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