How to have sound mental health?

Author :- Nivi Shrivastava Dec. 3, 2020, 5:03 a.m.
How to have sound mental health?

How often do you sit back and think about your mental wellbeing? As much as we love to take care of our physical health, it’s equally important to pay attention to mental and emotional wellness from time to time. While this has been an extremely tough year for everyone with the COVID19, the collateral damage on everyone has heightened anxiety, paranoia, and depression along with pandemic health scare.

According to a recent WHO survey, at least 57 million people in India are depressed, the highest around the world. Globally, the data gets grimmer as official stats suggest that over 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression, and an estimated 8,00,000 persons die by suicide each year – which translates to one death in every 40 seconds.

It’s alright to feel anxious

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If you have been feeling antsy due to these uncertain times, you are not alone. Almost every person has gone through similar stress and mental pressure due to personal or professional reasons, and it is absolutely normal to get panicked in difficult times. If you are grieving due to personal loss, heartbreak, or worried about your career, job instability, or professional failures – it is OKAY to feel sad, depressed, or anxious. However, the key is to get over these gloomy emotions as soon as possible and let the fear of uncertainty subside.

Let it go

How to have sound mental health
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The moment you are living right now is inevitable, and this will a deciding time for you to plan your life’s next step. “Do you wish to live it to the fullest or you want to ruin your present by thinking about the past or future,” asks Arpita Bhandari, a life strategist. She explains, “The way you feel in this moment will open the doors to limitless possibilities. Live life, not of an ordinary but an extra-ordinary because you deserve it and you’re completely worthy of it. You create your reality so let no one else control it. Believe in yourself to rise above and embrace the endless possibilities that arise before you.”

Ask the expert

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There is no shame in asking for help or guidance if you have acknowledged and accepted a problem. From different kinds of counseling, medications, and guided therapies – help is available for all kinds of mental ailments. Do not shy away from talking to an expert – reaching out to a mental healthcare professional is the same as going to a doctor when you get a fever – if there’s any hesitation, discuss it with your family, partner, or friends.

Make an effort

The wonderful thing about the human mind is that it can be trained and explained. If you have been feeling depressed or anxious, try not to overthink things that pull you down. With meditation, a clean diet, workout routines, and a positive attitude, it is possible to control negative feelings to a certain extent. Be kind to yourself and others, because a good deed a day keeps the gloom away. And, don’t forget to breathe in, breathe out every time things go out of hand!

PS: Help is just a phone call away, connect at 9152987821 or 022-25521111 (Free counseling service run by School of Human Ecology, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, available from Monday to Saturday: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm)

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