How can you create the perfect sex playlist?

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team June 11, 2021, 4:39 p.m.
How can you create the perfect sex playlist?

When you and your partner are about to get intimate, why not spice it up a little with a sex playlist that can create an air of pleasure? 

Music can light up the mood in ways you might never even think. They have the power to connect your soul and body. With the perfect music playing in the background, you and your partner can craft a soul-touching moment of intimacy.

Studies conducted by various schools highlight the power of music in building and connecting intimacy. As per one of the recent studies, they state that music can enhance dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin levels. These hormones play crucial roles in setting the mood and stimulating the body sensually. Music can also trigger your sensory experience, especially during role-plays.

Creating a sex playlist of love

Music is not just a conversation starter. It can improve your libido level and rebuild your mood. You can set the tone of your intimate moments with the perfect playlist. Though you can find several pre-made lists on Spotify and other platforms, you have to focus on creating one for you and your partner. It will help you connect with your sexual experience at a different level.

 Here are a few points that you can look into while creating a sex playlist for yourself or with your partner.

Ask yourself and your partner

Close your eyes, and imagine what type of music you and your partner would prefer while in the mood. Ask questions to each other and find out what kind of music can set the tone of your intimate moments. It can be tender, wild, or soulful music. 

Here, you can look into what you, with or without your partner, prefer to explore at that moment. Apart from music, you can listen to audio stories. They can also help in setting up the rhythm of your bedroom.

If you and your partner are having a long-distance relationship, you can share the playlist. It can build craving and connection even when you are far apart.

Make sex playlist based on the mood

While creating a sex playlist, you can make them based on the mood. It can be for a romantic dinner or a slow rundown. 

When it comes to passionate sex, it is best to opt for songs with a slower tempo. They can set the mood and let you move with their lyrics. Here, you can go for Magnets by Disclosure, Labyrinth from Euphoria, or Underdog by Alicia Key.

If you want something more in a soulful voice, we would suggest the tracks by Sabrina Claudia. Unravel me and Confidently lost by Sabrina Claudia are two of her best works to set the mood. These smooth vocals can be thought-provoking too.

If you are looking for much more passion and rough sex, you can go for upbeat music. These songs can accessorize sex in ways beyond you can imagine. Skin by Rihanna, wow by Zara Larsson featuring Sabrina Carpenter, and Candy by Doja Cat are a few of our favorites. Electronic music can also be an excellent option for rediscovering and exploring each other. 

Ensure the songs have the correct timings

Yes, a song at the wrong timing can be a buzzkill. It can happen to anyone when you select a playlist without checking it. So, it is best to create a sex playlist beforehand. You can keep it a secret or share it with others based on your preference. 

While creating a playlist, you can have separate ones based on the moods. They can bring the breeze of intimacy and pleasure. You can also add songs that you and your partner connect to at a deeper level.

Avoid songs that you both know well

You don't want you or your partner to sing along as you are getting intimate. Though you can add familiar songs, it is best to avoid ones you or your partner know well. Music has to act as background noise to stimulate intimacy. Ensure that it is not doing otherwise.

With the perfect tracks added to your sex playlist, you can set the tone in your bedroom. They can be the mood and make your intimate moments more pleasurable. So, why not create a playlist that touches your mind and body?

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