Do uncircumcised penises get as hard as circumcised?

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team Nov. 24, 2021, 5:33 p.m.
Do uncircumcised penises get as hard as circumcised?

Circumcision is a procedure that involves the removal of the foreskin of the penis after separating it from the glans. This is a common practice in certain religious groups. Even in the USA, most infants are circumcised soon after they are born- for medical reasons, not religious. It was a practice of great importance in the US, but as of now, there is a decline in circumcision.

When you consider circumcised vs uncircumcised penis, there are a lot of discussions happening on the same. Previously many have considered that there are several benefits associated with having a circumcised penis. They include lower chances of contracting UTIs and STIs. However, there are several studies happening now that present differing opinions. Even though uncircumcised penes might reduce the chances of contracting STIs, you have to prioritize safety and use precautions while engaging in sexual activities.

Circumcised vs Uncircumcised Penis: Difference

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When we consider the difference between a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised men's penis, the physical difference is apparent. In a circumcised penis, the glands and urethral opening will be visible clearly. But, it isn't the case when it comes to uncircumcised men's penes.

While taking care of an uncircumcised men's penis, you have to put in extra effort and attention. Whereas on the other hand, you can maintain your hygiene by using water while bathing. But, with circumcised men's penis, there is a higher chance of irritation and dryness. If you would like to know more interesting facts about penes, click here!

As for another difference between a circumcised penis and an uncircumcised one- once the penis is erect, the foreskin slides back from the head of the penis, and the only difference is some additional skin on the shaft that you might feel if you stroke the penis and move your hand up and down. 

In the words of E.L. James, “steel encased in velvet.” I’m sorry about the cringy 50 Shades of Grey reference, but I hope you get the idea. The difference between an uncircumcised penis and a circumcised one is more obvious when the penis is flaccid, an uncircumcised penis will have the foreskin covering the glans. 

Circumcised or Uncircumcised Penis: Which Takes More Time to Get Hard?

Circumcised penises and uncircumcised penises get equally hard. The erectile tissue is not in the foreskin. There is no difference in the level of erection between an uncircumcised penis and a circumcised one. Studies show that there won't be any difference when it comes to sensual sensation and the pleasure level will be similar. However, it would depend upon each person's preference as well.

However, uncircumcised penises have one benefit over circumcised penises during penetration. The additional foreskin creates a glide during sex, the skin may even result in additional stimulation for the clitoris. The glide of an intact penis can result in better orgasms for women. The foreskin also helps in maintaining lubrication during sex. Of course, circumcised men can still learn to glide, and use lubrication, to achieve the same effect.