Carnal Chemistry DAO

Author :- Shakun Dec. 7, 2021, 1:20 p.m.
Carnal Chemistry DAO

As the founder of Tickle.Life, through this DAO document, I endeavor to present how Carnal Chemistry and its governing body would be creating a safe NFT space. It is a document that is in progress and would continue to bring in new contributions with time.

1. Introduction

Carnal Chemistry NFT is a project incubated by Tickle.Life Inc, a global discovery platform for sexual well-being. Carnal Chemistry DAO is created with a vision to destigmatize erotic art, fund erotic artists, and sex-positive organizations. Here, the focus is to help the artists to emphasize creating artworks and not be concerned about other factors associated with NFTs. Carnal Chemistry will be releasing a project of 100 1/1 artworks every three months as well. You can read more about the Carnal Chemistry project by Tickle.Life from here.

The DAO will strive forward to provide the artists with all forms of support required for them in the form of software, marketing, distribution, and others. Through this, the ultimate aim will be destigmatizing sexuality. 

Tickle.Life, through Carnal Chemistry, is taking this initiative primarily because of the presence of shadow banning and censorship affecting the discoverability of erotic artworks. Besides, sexuality was first explained through artworks from the ancient days. Here, the projects will endeavor to explore Web-3 to find more on the future of the sexual well-being industry.

Along with that, Carnal Chemistry not only endeavors to destigmatize erotic art, but it will also be the first multi-blockchain venture that focuses on creating an ecologically beneficial blockchain. For that purpose, Carnal Chemistry will also be listing artworks in Tezos Blockchain, which is one of the best eco-friendly blockchains. As part of this initiative, it will provide buyers and artists with more options for liquidity. Here, the buyers, who purchase using Ethereum from the Open Sea, would also be airdropped the artwork in their Tezos wallet.

Through this initiative, Carnal Chemistry will be initiating methods that help artists to benefit from their creativity. Here, Carnal Chemistry will be collaborating with various artists from across the world with an intention to monetize their artworks and enhance sex-positivity. 

By becoming a part of the journey curated by Carnal Chemistry, the artists will get paid for the hard work they put in and Carnal Chemistry will also bear the costs to plan for the expenses required for the upcoming projects.

2. Governing the DAO

The governing DAO body of Carnal Chemistry NFT will initially consist of the 100+collectors of the 1/1 unique art pieces from the Kamasutra project and the Tickle.Life NFT team. To become a part of the governing DAO, an individual has to purchase artworks from the NFT drops made by Carnal Chemistry. Other than that, there will be a pool of NFT supporters and collectors, where people can become a part. 

A collector can decide to not take up the position and even nominate one to fulfill their role in the governing body. Here, the collector can choose someone from the pool of NFT enthusiasts or even opt for another individual. However, the person will require a wallet, be sex-positive, and be a supporter of Tickle.Life’s cause. Besides, the collector will have the right to change their nominee any time if and when they find that the person isn’t fulfilling the role correctly as per the required expectation. Annually, 25 selected supporters from the pool will receive the opportunity to become a part of the DAO too.  (This number can change, depending on the governing body)

Tickle.Life can also request to remove a collector from the governing DAO with the support of other members if and when they find that a collector or a nominee isn’t working in accordance with the requirements of the initiative. Once a collector, who is part of the DAO, decides to sell their artwork, they have two options. They can either decide to retain the DAO with them and transfer the ownership of the artwork or can decide to furnish both of them to the new buyer.

2.1 Roles and Responsibilities of the governing DAO 

When a buyer purchases artwork from Carnal Chemistry, they are becoming an integral part of the governing DAO of Carnal Chemistry NFT. As a DAO member, an individual will receive the following responsibilities:

  1. Members of the DAO body will play an integral role in deciding components related to Carnal Chemistry and the NFT projects. Here, they can collaborate on deciding the upcoming topics for the NFT projects from a bucket of topics provided by Tickle.Life’s NFT team. A topic will be finalized on receiving approval from the DAO governing body.
  2. As part of showing support to artists, the DAO members will also be sanctioning the money to buy sex positive artworks that Tickle.Life will be purchasing as a way of showing support to other artists.
  3. The DAO members can also suggest artists with whom Carnal Chemistry NFT can consider working with in the future projects.
  4. The DAO body will get the right to form the budget required for the upcoming projects.
  5.  Carnal Chemistry DAO will be creating a community community support fund to assist organizations, especially related to sexual wellness organizations. Here, the collectors who are a part of the Carnal Chemistry community will receive an opportunity to take part in deciding which organization Tickle.Life/Carnal Chemistry has to support.

Apart from this, there are several soft perks as well. Here, the focus is on creating a passionate community that emphasizes the importance of building sex-positivity. Along with that, the members of the community can stand together and support other members- including artists and other collectors.

3. Artists and Carnal Chemistry

As part of the process of destigmatizing sexuality via erotic art and giving opportunities to the underrepresented erotic artists, Carnal Chemistry will bring in growing and upcoming talented erotic artists. These artists will receive a 50% commission upfront and also 1.5% secondary sale revenue as well. Along with that, the artists can gain revenue in the form of royalties through merchandising and also from secondary sale revenues.

Through this, Carnal Chemistry will ensure that the artists are not undergoing any financial constraints. Artists will have the creative freedom to create artworks based on the selected topics during the provided time period. Here, a legal contract will be drawn between the artist and Carnal Chemistry (Tickle.Life)  to ensure that there aren’t any issues. During this collaborative initiative, the artists will receive all forms of support and assistance required. They include community management, social media, marketing, software development, etc.,

4. The Kamasutra: First Project by Carnal Chemistry

The Kamasutra is the first project by Carnal Chemistry. In this project, there are 100+ 1/1 art pieces created by seven artists from across the world. They have collaborated in creating different narratives from the ideas present in the Kamasutra. Book II. The artists with their creative minds have taken the work to a whole new level and diverged from the sleazy representation of the Kamasutra as present in the popular media. 

Here, 50% of the amount will be provided to the artists and Carnal Chemistry intends to start the bidding of each artwork at 0.2 ETH. Here, the remaining 25% of the amount will be used for taking care of the operational elements. It includes marketing, gas fees, community creation, community management, website development, support, and assistance. The next 25% of the amount will be used as the cost for proceeding with the upcoming projects that will be released soon. 

As part of the first project, the Kamasutra, collectors are getting perks along with the artworks that include:

  1. Six months subscription to Sssh.com.
  2. 50% off on purchasing products from Adam and Eve
  3. Access to workshops hosted by Tickle.Life, the incubator of Carnal Chemistry.
  4. Opportunity to collaborate with sex positive companies as representation of sexuality and its discovery don’t end there.

4.1 Tentative Roadmap of the Kamasutra Project

Here are some of our tentative ideas related to the Kamasutra project, which Tickle.Life/Carnal Chemistry is open to discussion with the to-be newly formed governing DAO.

  1. Creation of a NFT/Crypto marketplace that will help erotic artists to come forward and work without being concerned about censorship.
  2. Using AI/VR technology for building a cutting-edge digital art gallery that hosts an ever-growing collection of beautiful erotic art.
  3. Focusing on merchandising as a way to increase the chances of monetization for the artists and the collectors.

5. Tickle.Life and Carnal Chemistry

Carnal Chemistry is a project incubated by Tickle.Life and has a chief role to play in governing the DAO. Tickle.Life will be focusing on creating buckets of topics to work on after discussing with the internal team and the creative director. For every secondary sale, Tickle.Life will receive a 5% commission.

6. What is Next?

After the launch and success of the first project, the Kamasutra. Carnal Chemistry DAO will work on the launch of their next exclusive project, which will also be a 1/1 collection of 100+ unique poses related to the world of kink and BDSM. All the future projects from then will be decided and formed along with the DAO members.

The creative head for the project has already been hired who himself was an artist on the Kamasutra project.

Remember, this is not the end but only the beginning fo taking sexual wellbeing to web3.

Disclaimer: All the details provided here are for information purposes only.