Review: Thriving in Sex Work: A Self-Help Book for Sex Workers by Lola Davina

Author :- Nimisha None
Review: Thriving in Sex Work: A Self-Help Book for Sex Workers by Lola Davina

Contrary to many people, I am a person who judges a book by the cover, and especially the title. The title, for me, carries with it the niche of the book, as well as the core message.

Being a sex worker is not an easy job anywhere, structurally and otherwise. It comes with its own emotional and physical demands, which can be very taxing, and there are not many self-help groups that focus on the mental health of sex workers. That is where lies the importance of this book for me.

Let me start by focusing on a part of the book description. It says:

"Lola Davina, a former stripper, dominatrix, porn actress and escort, provides the life skills you need to prosper, including
• Cultivating friendships, community, and romance
• Mastering money
• Debunking sex industry myths such as you have to be flawless, or clients hate to hear “no” • Avoiding trigger states, like loneliness, fatigue, boredom, anxiety, and depression, that lead to bad decision-making and burnout
• Surviving bad calls, shifts, and shoots
And a lot more!

Knowing that there lies a system and framework using which sex workers can lead happy, peaceful, and stable lives was what drew me to this book.

But to my surprise, it actually lays down a neat framework that can be used by ANYONE with a job!

It comes with an amazing outlook towards being self-reliant, and managing your work and emotions, equipping you with multiple tools. The book also leaves you with contentment, strength, and belief that one can achieve anything, move past all fears, and thrive in one’s dreams. It also comes with practical advice on managing your money and moving through a terribly bad day.

Most importantly, it covered various aspects of sexual commerce, various roles in the entire system. So no matter how you are related to the system of sex work, this book will be helpful for you!

To be honest, I would recommend this to anyone wanting to reconcile stigma and shame in their lives, manage their work and relationship with people, be mentally and physically healthy, and just be a wholesome individual. Anyone should go for it!