Adult Sex Toys as a Step Towards Empowerment

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Dec. 2, 2021, 8:03 a.m.
Adult Sex Toys as a Step Towards Empowerment

Sex toys started to emerge in the market in the early 20th century. But, the companies producing them marketed these adult sex toys for couples and singles as medical equipment and massagers. They presented sex toys as products that can enhance blood flow in our bodies. However, the irony is that they didn't specify where these products would help in getting the blood flow.

A drastic change came within the sexual wellness industry with the sexual revolutions that happened during the 1960s. However, these intimate products for married couples and others came to the foreground in 1976. It was when Reuben Sturman, found Doc Johnson and started to market sex toys as they are.

Even then, there were countless stigmas associated with using sex toys. Even though a few changes were happening, the pleasure gap was still prevalent. The primary reason behind this is that most sex toys gave importance to male pleasure and prioritized the male gaze.

The Roles Played by Sex Toys in the Present

In the current scenario, changes are happening in the market for adult toys for couples and singles. The industry is becoming more inclusive and anti-male gaze-centric. These are significant components in empowering sexual experiences. Even though the industry has evolved a lot, there is scope for improvement that can bring forth empowerment in its true essence. 

Sex toys aren’t necessarily empowering in and of themselves. You also need to get over the stigma enough to enjoy them. Although the stigma has decreased, it’s still there. As technology historian Eric Schatzberg argues, “Technological innovation by itself does not change society. Technology only changes society when people choose to use new technologies in innovative ways.” If you buy a vibrator and you only use it once and are too embarrassed to ever use it again then the sex toy isn’t going to empower you.

And if you feel shame every time you use it, you won’t feel empowered either. That’s why the earliest feminist sex toy store owner, Dell Williams, tried to get every woman to buy a copy of Betty Dodson’s Liberating Masturbation alongside their Hitachi Magic Wand. Dodson empowered women through writing about the importance of teaching themselves to orgasm, and the vibrator gave women a tool that made orgasms easy. What is empowering is being able to make yourself come without a partner, as Dodson argued.

Hallie Lieberman, author of Buzz: A Stimulating History of the Sex Toy said to Tickle.Life.

Lieberman's words portray a real connection between sex toys and empowerment. Although the sexual wellness industry has developed drastically, there is a lot of changes required in the way people perceive things. It is a factor that can play a crucial role in creating sex toys as a step towards empowerment. 

There are companies like Unbound, Dame, Lust, Lovetreats, Subsensual that focus on redefining sex toys. They are empowering sexual experiences by using adult sex toys for couples and singles. 

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The Future of the Sex Toy Market

When we examine the future of sex toys, the market is a promising one. As per the report by Grand View Research, the sex toy market was at $ 33.64 billion in 2020. As per their Compound Annual Growth Rate(CAGR), it shows an 8.04% increase from 2021 to 2028. 

When it comes to the market with the highest share in 2020, it is North America. Through this, it is apparent that the market for hot sex toys for couples and singles would grow in the coming years. Besides that, companies would also be focusing on the need for bringing empowerment and equality through sex toys.

How Adult Sex Toys For Couples and Singles bring empowerment?

We have discussed the role played by sex toys in promoting empowerment. They can be helpful in knowing yourself, enhancing your health, building your relationship with your partner, and more. Let us have a look at them in detail.

Sex Toy as a Way to Know Yourselves Better

Knowing your body is a part of knowing yourself. It is an experience that can help you build a positive relationship with yourself. Though fingering is an excellent option, using sex toys can enhance the comfort involved in exploring yourself. By doing so, you can gain empowerment. It will also provide you with a much better idea of your needs and wants. It will also provide you with a much better idea of your needs and wants. Try Double ended dildos for sale.

For hundreds of years, women have been told they need to depend on men for their sexual needs. A vibrator (or good hand technique) proves that to be a lie. They are technologies that show women they don’t have to depend on anybody to have an orgasm. That’s why in patriarchal cultures sex toys have been so threatening and have frequently been illegal.

Hallie Lieberman said to Tickle.Life.

Through the usage of sex toys, women and all the identities can explore their sexualities. It would help them in understanding more about themselves.

Sex toys act as a tool for masturbation, which has numerous health benefits

There are countless myths and stigmas associated with masturbation. But, in reality, masturbation is as helpful as any exercise. It can assist in releasing endorphins and can assist in improving your mood. By using sex toys, you can take care of your wellness with ease. However, the availability of quality sex toys is a factor to consider.

Even Facebook and Instagram prohibit the advertising of sex toys today. But sex toys can’t change the culture alone: they are part of a nexus of change. Women need greater access to birth control; they need child care and paid maternity leave, and they need vibrators. Sexual pleasure must be seen as an essential aspect of sexual health for women.

Words by Hallie Lieberman

Through these words, Lieberman presents how there has to be more access to sexual wellness products for women and everybody else. It would play a significant role in curating empowerment.

Adult sex toys for couples help in building relationships

Bringing in sex toys can spice up your sex life. Through this, you can build an intimate relationship with your partner. However, you have to ensure that it is consensual. While using sex toys, ensure that you are cleaning them. Studies show that lack of hygiene can cause yeast and bacterial infections. 

By bringing in adult sex toys for couples and singles to your life, you can build your relationship with your partner and yourself. With Tickle.Life, you can now enhance your intimate relationship with ease. Through our workshop, Light My Fire, you can spice up your intimacy and discover different ways for sexual exploration. Click here to find out more!

Special thanks to Hallie Lieberman for her contributions.

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