Valentines Day Party

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Valentines Day Party

The heavy bass of the club music reached my ears and I tapped my foot along to it while I took long drags from the cigarette between my fingers, purposefully wasting my sweet time. More than anything, I would have preferred to drink in the comfort of my home, vibrator in hand, but my friend insisted that this was Valentine's party of the year, dragging me out in a tiny dress, just to ditch me after. 


In the corners of my eye, I watched a couple stagger around with their lips joined together as they searched for the nearest wall to hitch themselves against. Out of every open space in the parking lot, they decided to stand right beside me, the sounds of their wet kissing reverberating across the empty parking lot. 


“Oh for Pete’s sake!” I tossed my cig to the ground and ground it with the heel of my boot, before stomping back to the party’s venue. 

The couples in the room pretended to be civil, but underneath the tables and in the corners where the light didn’t touch, I caught lips stealing kisses and hands finding their ways under skirts. Groaning under my breath one more time, I marched over to the drinks table, pouring myself a full glass of champagne and gulping it down. 


“I’m so sick of this shit.” Someone announced behind me, and I turned around to identify with my kindred spirit. 


“Wanna cheers to that?” I raised my nearly empty glass to the gorgeous person who was now in front of me, a smile instinctively finding its way to my lips almost immediately. She smiled back, her wide mouth glossy and cheeks red from all the drinks she had consumed. 


“Oh absolutely.” She giggled, stepping forward to clink her glass against mine. We laughed as we threw back our glasses, and for some reason, I couldn’t stop watching her. As she spoke animatedly about the terrible music, I agreed, even though I quite liked it. And when she dug her hands into the pockets of her dress, I had to swallow down a gasp. 


Maybe it was the alcohol in my system; I mean, chugging down champagne at an ungodly pace did take its toll on you after a little bit, but I thought her the light reflected against her sand-colored skin in the most ethereal way possible. Her collarbones glittered with makeup and I wanted to lean forward to touch it. 


She must have caught me staring because she then cocked her head and raised an eyebrow teasingly. 

“Do you smoke?” She waited for a nod, before leading me back into the same parking lot I had just come back from. I followed blindly, watching the pretty pink tulle of her skirt billowing behind her as she walked. 


We chatted some more, but I made it clear that I wanted her, my fingers brushing against her arm, her exposed shoulder, and then her neck as I needlessly examined her necklace. The tips of my fingers coming in contact with her skin send sparks of electricity through me, turning my blood static when she took two steps closer to me, green irises searching my eyes for the answer to a question that I was yet to ask. 


“Can I kiss you?” She beat me to it, bending down to capture my bottom lip in a kiss that showed no mercy, hands wrapping around my waist and pulling me flush against her. Her tongue invaded my mouth, tasting cigarette smoke and sweet wine, fizzy spit mixing with mine and bubbling in my stomach. 


One of her hands slid under my dress and began stroking my bare thigh, just as her mouth latched itself to my neck, nestling in a corner to suckle at a sensitive spot. 


“Ah,” I gasped, clutching onto her leather jacket-clad arm when her finger brushed over the crotch of my panties. 


“Do you want my fingers?” She looked in my eyes once again, eyes Jade and shadowed with arousal. For someone clad in a bubbly pink dress and covered in glitter, I did not expect her to pull into submission so easily, yet here she was, circling my clothed clit as I shuddered in her arms. 


“Use your words, darling.” She cooed, pressing her finger against the nub in a silent threat to withdraw it if I didn’t do as she said. 


“Yes, please. I want your fingers so badly.” I responded to a stranger in an empty parking lot, joyously swallowing her tongue again and crying out when her fingers became the barrier between my pussy and my panties. 


“Oh God, fuck.” I hissed when a finger slipped in me, the squelching sound reverberating into the night air. 


“You like that?” Her voice uttered lowly into the night as I writhed against the wall, pushing my pussy further against her hands. I needed as much as she was willing to give me, and then some more. I more than liked it, but my words failed me. 


“Hold on.” My new lover excused herself, pulling her fingers away from my pussy to run her tongue across them, eyes not leaving mine. A new shock took over my lower abdomen and I moved to clutch it, but she had other ideas.


Peeling off her jacket, she exposed her bare shoulders into the chilly night’s air, before deciding to spread it on the bare ground and kneel on it. I didn’t have time to argue, as her eyes held me captive where I stood, pulling down my panties from between my legs and tucking her head neatly underneath my dress. 


“Oh, God.” I cried out when she licked my swollen clit, my hands finding my hardened nipples through my dress and palming them. Her tongue worked wonders, flicking against the nub deliciously and making my knees buck. 


I moaned shamelessly, not caring who heard me sound like a wanton slut as this beautiful woman sucking on my clit like a stolen lolly. My hips bucked when she pushed two fingers back into my sopping hole, humming with satisfaction when I groaned again. 


I could feel a white, hot ball pulsing in my stomach as her fingers worked at a quicker pace, the quiver in my legs intensifying. The orgasm racked through my body violently, arching my back and spraying fluids out of my pussy as it tightened against her fingers. 


“I should head inside.” This strange woman grinned at me toothily, winking at me as if she had not just fucked me into a squirming mess against the wall.


Blushing, I nodded and looked away, thankful for my dark skin and inability to color like she did, or else I would have been a messy rainbow. She smiled at me once again and walked back inside the party hall, leaving me out there, still reeling over the orgasm that still had my pussy throbbing. I made to step away from the wall I had been leaning against, but I found her jacket laid out in front of me, its dark leather glistening in the poor lighting, almost as if it were blinking knowingly at me. 


“Excuse me, have you seen the lady in a pink dress?”

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