Things to Keep in Mind While Creating the Best Wellness Website Design

Author :- Tickle.Life Editorial Team Sept. 18, 2022, 9:57 p.m.
Things to Keep in Mind While Creating the Best Wellness Website Design

As a sexual well-being professional intending to create a wellness website, it is integral that you get to the bottom of things. From planning your website to working on its design and moving forward with consistency, there are various elements that you have to consider. Thus, as part of curating a health and wellness web design that aligns with your specifications and interests, you will have to do some groundwork. Understanding that here we have formed a guide that will help create wellness websites, especially with a focus on wellness web design. Let's get right into it.

Have a Catchy Web Copy

Your web copies can speak volumes about the brand you create. Thus, while working on your wellness website design, you have to focus on your web copies. Since it only takes seven seconds to make a first impression, your web copies have to be to the point. They have to be crisp and short. It is essential because users often scan while reading. Therefore, your web copies have to be reader-friendly. 

Here, you can follow the inverted pyramid structure, where you place the relevant information on the top. By the way, while writing, avoid boosting your brand and stay away from jargon, hyperboles, and fancy words.

Before writing, perform keyword research using tools like the Google Keyword Planner. You can incorporate these keywords while penning down your web copy.

In short, ensure that your web copies are useful, urgent, and specific.

Use Visuals That Connect with Your Audience

People remember 80% of what they see and process images quickly. 

Therefore, it would be best for you to include images, info graphs, animations, videos, etc.

Here, the images you use need to have usability. They have to provide information and emotional appeal to your users. Similarly, images can enhance your search engine optimization, especially when you include alt text. Alt text can help improve the ranking of these images on the Google Search bar, enhancing the visitors to your site. Also, ensure that all the images you use are high-quality ones. You can easily find them on platforms like Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, etc.,

Similar to images, videos and animations can also grab your user's attention while providing them with necessary information.

Focus on Fonts Used

Many consider the larger the font, the more attention it can grab from the viewer. Therefore, focus on the font and font sizes while designing your wellness web design. Here, you can bold and italicize the fonts to enhance their catchiness. 

While deciding on the fonts for your website, it is integral to choose web-safe fonts. They include Serif, Sans-Serif, Monospace, Cursive, and Fantasy. Among them, Sans-Serif and Serif fonts are best suitable for web copies.

All these fonts have different varieties or classifications. For instance, Verdana, Tahoma, Impact, and Gill Sans are some Sans-Serif fonts. Monospace includes Lucida, Monaco, Andale Mono. These fonts and their types have numerous purposes when you use them on a website. Arial is a font type that is clean and easy to read. It is best suited for reports, blogs, and advertisements.

Going back to the web copies, here are some font types you can consider for your website.

  1. Trebuchet (Sans-Serif)
  2. Gill Sans (Sans-Serif)
  3. Georgia (Serif)
  4. Palatino (Serif)
  5. Bradly Hand (Serif)
  6. Didot (Serif)

You can select fonts for your web copies based on your sub-niche, colors, template, and design.

Emphasize the Colors Used in Your Design

Colors play a poignant role in attracting attention and enhancing conversion rates. While creating a wellness website, you have to focus on the concept of color theory, which gives importance to the interaction of colors. Mainly, there are three theories: triadic, complementary, and analogue.

  1. Triadic includes equally spaced colors around the color wheel.
  2. Complimentary has opposite colors from the wheel of colors.
  3. The analogue comprises three colors that are side-by-side on a color wheel.

Since there are different colors, their meanings vary, and how they influence people also change. Mainly, there are warm, cool, and neutral colors.

  1. Warm colors are energetic and include red, orange, yellow, and pink. Red stands for passion, active, and intense. Orange denotes warmth, success, and determination. Yellow is an energetic and lively color. Next, pink is a romantic and compassionate color.
  2. Cool colors offer a calming effect, and they are green, purple, and blue. Green is a color that stands for trust, healing, and freshness. Purple is a color of glamor and luxury. Finally, blue depicts clarity, loyalty, and comfort.
  3. Next, neutral colors can tone down and are mostly primary colors. Gray represents respect, patience, and intelligence. Next, black is a color showing boldness and seriousness. Lastly, blue depicts clarity, loyalty, and comfort.

Thus, based on your brand voice, select colors for the web design for health and wellness. So, waste no more time as it is time to get started.

Ensure that Your Web Design is Easy to Navigate

Here is a question for you!

Would you continue to browse a website if it has poor navigation?

Unless you have a personal connection or commitment to a website, you might not spend your precious hours trying to figure out how to move from a service page to a blog.

So, while you create a wellness website for yourself, it is integral that you focus on navigation in your web design. Through this, you can optimize your website, enhancing the ease of usage. Here, your health and wellness website designs have to be suitable for mobile, tablet, and desktop views. 

As you work on the design, you have to create a structure and include home, about us, services, products, blogs, contact us, etc. In addition, by prioritizing the structure, you can improve SEO. It will benefit your website with crawling and indexing.

For users, such wellness web design will help improve conversion rates. Here, the visit duration will enhance and decrease the bounce rate. 

By the way, while working on the navigation, ensure that you include a footer and have visible link placement throughout your website

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