How can you improve your sexual wellness?

Author :- Victoria Gomez Jan. 13, 2023, 9:58 p.m.
How can you improve your sexual wellness?

We hear people talk constantly about self-love, self-care, and mental health/mental wellness. However, how often do we hear people talk about sexual wellness? The answer is rarely. Awareness of mental well-being encompasses sexual well-being, even though it isn’t talked about as often as it should be. 

Sexual wellness is not a mainstream idea at this point, but it is slowly gaining momentum as the world gets more open to talking about sexuality as a whole. 

Now, what exactly is sexual wellness?

Sexual wellness is so much more than having a good orgasm!  Sexual wellness is the emotional state, physical state, and mental well-being, all of which are connected to your sexuality and its well-being. While sexual wellness may not be talked about as a part of your normal, go to sex ed class, it is just as important as what you learned in those classes. 

Sexual wellness and well-being teach us about the following things:

  • Sexual pleasure has been shown to improve sleep quality, in turn strengthening the immune system and reducing depression and anxiety, while also allowing for cell recovery and collagen production. That means you look younger for longer!
  • Having a fulfilling sexual relationship can also help you achieve your goals in your career, as your stress is reduced, and your mental clarity is impacted positively. 
  • Those who experience more frequent sexual satisfaction tend to live longer, healthier, and happier lives.  

Basically, in order to be more successful, happy, and healthy, you need to be having more fulfilling sex! However, sexual wellness is even deeper than that. Sexual wellness includes your intimacy, levels of self-worth, and your sexual satisfaction.


So how can you improve your sexual well-being?

Learn how to satisfy your sexual needs!

You cannot expect someone else to satisfy you sexually if you yourself cannot do so. Learn what you like and don’t like; what pleases you and gets you to orgasm. Find the erogenous zones that make you feel good, and enjoy your body! Get a new sex toy! This bodily exploration will also help you to develop a more positive outlook on your body, sex, and sexual pleasure. 

Identify your unhealthy relationship with sex and seek professional help

If you have experienced trauma from a sexual partner or relationship at some point in your life, it is important to seek professional help to overcome those things. Sexual assault, traumatic experiences related to sex, and childhood abuse can all lead to unhealthy relationships and negatively affect your sexual well-being. In instances like this, it is imperative to ensure that you treat yourself properly so that you don’t have to deal with any toxicity in your relationships. 

Advocate for yourself and your mental health when necessary 

If you are struggling to consent in a healthy way, or set boundaries, make sure that you express that with a professional and seek help to cope with those struggles. When you are able to communicate more effectively, you will be able to have a more healthy relationship with your partner and you’ll be able to increase your trust in them, as well as have more sexual satisfaction and wellness in your life as well. 

The hope is that one day we will be able to hear and see sexual wellness discussed as often as we hear about mental wellness and health. Sexual well-being is very important for people to be empowered and learn how to have a fulfilling sexual relationship with themselves and their partner. Sexual wellness influences so many aspects of your life and is important to keep optimal healthy relationships in and out of the bedroom.