From Vanilla to Extraordinary: Exciting Techniques to Elevate Your Sexual Pleasure

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Nov. 28, 2023, 12:10 p.m.
From Vanilla to Extraordinary: Exciting Techniques to Elevate Your Sexual Pleasure

let's explore new places and ideas to have your intimate adventures apart from just your bedroom. Step outside your comfort zone and enter the thrill of public play.


Ever felt like the routine has become a bit boring in your bedroom? Feels like you're starting to need a bit of adventure, and need some excitement in the bedroom? So  maybe it's high time to actually get out of the comfy little confines of walls and oh so boring beds for that matter and dare into other locations for a change in scenery for your sexual encounters.


Break free from the bedroom and find new venues for your sexual escapades. The kitchen counter, the shower or even outside can provide a perfect reproach to your dull intra-bedroom routine and this is with certainty going to spice up your sexual life making it extremely thrilling, adventurous and curious - mixing fantasy with reality. Just be mindful of privacy and legality when exploring public locations.


Now discuss how finding new places can bring back that extra zing to your sex life. Just imagine- the thrill of being at a place which is not that familiar one; it might help heighten your sense, fueled passion and make memories that would stay forever.


To start with, let's discuss outdoor activities. imagine a Remote beach, a secluded forest or perhaps a silent park when twilight falls may give the feeling of freedom and closeness to nature. Ensure you identify a location where your activities will not inconvenience anyone and also mind local laws on this.


Here are a few tips that should help you in navigating this adventure:-


Public Play with- Privacy:

When exploring new locations, ensure privacy and control. Select locations that give a degree of privacy to prevent disturbances or snooping eyes. Keep in mind factors such as time, accessibility, and chances for encounters with other people. Remember, permission is deemed key and as such doing sexual acts in public places is mostly illegal and immoral.


Indoor Areas:

Step out of the norm somewhat and source for indoor areas to choose some element of surprise and newness on your adventures. If available, the counter table in the kitchen or even the living room couch or for a change of scenery and some intimacy even the dining table could be an option. Be careful about comfort, with hygiene precautions and again with protection for furniture or other goods.


Bathroom and Shower:

The bathroom can be a steamy and sensual setting for your sexual encounters. The shower provides a perfect opportunity for intimate moments under cascading water. Get adventurous with positions trying different ones, introduce massage oils, waterproof toys and let the boosted sensations of flowing water do their bit in adding on to pleasure. Just ensure safety with non-slip mats and caution with using bathrooms with wet surfaces. 



For all adventurous souls exploring the great outdoors can bring a rush of adrenaline and a heightened sense of adventure. You can find some privacy in forests, beaches, or parks and make sure of local regulations and laws before engaging. You can engage in private activities amidst the wilderness but always remember to respect the environment and leave no trace.


Public Play:

Making out in public may take your encounters a notch higher than other levels of excitement. Experiment with the rush through being seen or possibly getting caught. But be really careful. Choose a low-exposure risk place and be aware of your surroundings. Public indecency laws differ from place to place, so keep in mind the legal risks.


Safety and Preparedness:

The first requirement in any such place would be that of safety and preparedness. Carry with other essentials the condoms, lubricating gels, wet wipes and any necessary protection against the elements like- blankets or towels. Carrying the safe sex precautions will help avoid the possibilities of infections or uneasiness. Practice safe sex and be mindful of hygiene to prevent infections or discomfort. Communication with your partner is crucial to ensure both physical and emotional well-being.


Aftercare and reflection:

Allow yourself time for reflection afterwards your adventure in a new location and at the same aftercare. Finding way to reconnect and decompress somehow during this stage by taking some action doing nurturing activities. Discussing what went well, or how improvements and pushing possible limits or newly discovered ones is reflected upon is the event. This post experience dialogue is the key to maintaining trust and ensuring safe, sane, consensual exploration.


Remember, exploring new areas will change your sexual life from being a norm to interesting and one in a million. But remember all along the issue of consent, respect to other people's properties and safety issues. Keep at bay legal issues arising if any, environmental embarrassments that can be costly and maintain openness with your partner all through.