Discover the Secrets to Longevity in the Bedroom: A Guide to Sexual Health

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Nov. 11, 2023, 5:09 p.m.
Discover the Secrets to Longevity in the Bedroom: A Guide to Sexual Health

Well, well, well, if that is not one question that sets everyone blushing! So you are out here trying to grasp how to last long during sex? However, there are a few vital secrets that can make all the difference when it comes to lasting longer in bed. But let me warn you: these tactics aren't cut out for the weak-hearted.


First off forget those silly tips about thinking baseball or doing a math in your head. That wouldn't be of help to you for a bit. Direct the frustrations, regrets and disappointments into the act. Let them fuel your desire to dominate and show your partner who is in control. Buckle up bud, 'cause we're about to go deep into a realm where pleasure meets endurance.


Discover the Magic of Kegel Exercises

Who says Kegel exercises are only for the ladies? Men, listen up! Kegels ensure Z-ultra-strong pelvic floor muscles that can do a whole lot for your stamina. Squeeze the muscles you would use to stop urinating for just a few seconds and relax them again. Perform this exercise on a regular basis and you will no doubt experience astonishing results in your sexual stamina.


Experiment with Edging Techniques

Tease and Tantalize for Total Control, I now bring you to the world of edging. Edging involves getting yourself very close to the point of orgasm but stopping just at that right moment before the pleasure peaks and backing off again. This technique only a teaser not only builds up your staying power but also intensifies the eventual orgasm. This is with the practice of edging, you would train your body to ejaculate only when you want and thus become a true maestro of your pleasure. So bring yourself as close as possible to the brink, hold back, and enjoy the ecstasy of ultimate control.


Ejaculate Before Sex

Imagine you're getting ready for a night of passion, but you're worried about coming too fast. Fear not, my friend, for I've got a secret weapon. Try ejaculating before sexual activity. In case you want to last longer, a good technique is releasing your built-in sexual tension that was stored before the main event. This will help reset the arousal levels and hence could be able to go more rounds while providing a memorable experience for you and your partner.


Different Positions

Variety is the spice of life, even in bed. Change positions and experiment on various sexual positions for you to find what's best for you and your partner. Check on those that will enable you to control the depth and pace of penetration. Missionary might be a little too vanilla for your liking, so you should go with positions where you are in control, such as cowgirl or doggy style. This way, you can maintain a steady rhythm and prolong the session.


Become a Foreplay Expert

Foreplay, the starter to the main dish. Not directly jumping into bed but slowly discovering each other's body. Savor sensual touches, kisses, and oral stimulation prior to actual penetration. Increased anticipation and arousal would let you and your partner prolong pleasure together.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

It's easy to get carried away into a frenzy of passion when things are getting hot. However, the trick is not losing sight of the slow-down factor. Slowing down the rhythm and intensity of the movements could help with this aspect. Keeping shallow and deep thrusts well mixed, you will be able to hold ejaculation from coming out longer and maintain the pleasure.


Use the Power of Distraction

When you feel yourself reaching the point of no return, redirect your mind by thinking about something non-sexual. Think your favourite song lyrics in your brain or concentrate on some household tasks. By doing this, you can delay your ejaculation and make everyone enjoy the pleasure for even longer.


Some of the easy to do daily life rituals that can now help you achieve better -


Exercise Your Way to Stamina

Believe it or not regular exercising does wonders to your sexual endurance. Engage in cardiovascular fitness activities like running, swimming, and cycling. These greatly assist to circulate blood flow to the genital area while helping you to last longer. So, hit the gym and pump that heart!


Tap Into the Mind and Body Connection

It goes without saying that your mind and body have a profound connection when it comes to sexual performance. So, to get the maximum power, work on minimizing stress and anxiety. Relax your mind by engaging in activities like meditation or deep breathing exercises. You can elevate the experience and enjoy it to the maximum.


Mental Stimulation

Sexual stamina is not only about the physical but also mental stimulation. Engage in activities that raise your libido and keep your mind on the game. You could watch an erotic movie together, read a steamy novel or even try out some new fantasies together. Your mind will stay aroused for longer thus making you last longer during sex.


So, my friend, here you hold the secrets of lasting long in sex. Remember the sexual health do not relate to endurance only but it relates to indulging in a healthy and satisfying sexual life. Watch your sexual health with these tips, walk over the darker alleys of pleasures, and live the sensations. Have a pleasurable journey!