Beyond the Basics: Advanced Techniques for Enhancing Your Sexual Health

Author :- TickleLife Editorial Team Nov. 14, 2023, 2:31 p.m.
Beyond the Basics: Advanced Techniques for Enhancing Your Sexual Health

Feel like taking your sex life to new levels? Want to get crackin' with a few more advanced techniques that have your partner(s) beggin' for mercy? Let's go, get set and plunge into the world of pleasure to explore some thrilling techniques that take things past the basic. Let's unlock the secrets behind the great sexual experience.


Tantric Sex: Tantric sex is a total connection and extended pleasure that's advanced. In simpler terms, it means slowing down, focusing on breathing to produce sexual energy by prolonging foreplay to close-in and intimate touch. Engage in tantric exercises such as eye-gazing, synchronized breathing, and conscious-movements to enhance the intimacy and enable longer lasting, better out of world orgasms.


Multiple Orgasms: Multiple orgasms would alter the sex scenario totally be it for men or women. It includes learning how to prolong pleasure by reducing stimulation or delaying ejaculation in the stop-start method or continuing stimulation following orgasm. Continue with the stop-start method for learning or start doing Kegel exercises to gain a better control of your orgasms and feel the potential for several peaks of pleasure.


Sensation play: Sensation play pushes the limits of senses. This can involve using various objects or techniques that increase sensitivity and give more pleasure. Experience temperature play use of hot wax or ice cubes, use with different textures even feather and silk also soft brushes to arouse the nerve endings and create a symphony of feelings.


Bondage and Dominance/Submission: If exploring power roles within your partner(s) is something you'd like to do, besides trying role-playing games, bondage and dominance/submission may just prove to be intriguing additions to your sex life. Experimenting with light spanking and restraints, or role-play scenarios where one partner takes a dominant role while the other submits, safely. Remember, however, that clear communication, consent, and defining boundaries are some of the most important factors in this activity.

Use of some sex toys: Inclusion in of sex toys during your sexual play could be a fun and fulfilling way to explore on new levels of sensational feelings, hence further enhancing the pleasure of both you and your partner. Some range from vibrators, dildos, anal toys among many others. What to consider while buying a sex toy includes size, shape, material make up as well as features that go with one's personal preferences and comfort thresholds. Let your partner know of the intention of including sex toys and discussing all the boundaries, likes as well as all fears between you people. Remember, safety has to come first and that includes proper cleaning and storage of your sex toys as well as the lube in order to ensure everything remains comfortable minus any form of discomfort or injury.


Extended pleasure techniques: An extended pleasure technique simply refers to an art of extending sexual pleasure and intensifying orgasms. Techniques include edging where one edges himself or his partner near an orgasm and then pauses or modifies the stimulation to delay climax. This creates a building up of sexual tension and results in more powerful release when orgasm is finally reached.


On the other hand, orgasm control is deliberately delaying or controlling that of your partner with varying stimulation means by means of using specific breathing techniques and embodying certain positions such can heighten physical feeling as well as emotional pleasure during sexual play. However, try out the techniques but at the same time it is important to have clear communication with the partner, obtain their consent and respect their limits. 


Erotic Fantasies and Dirty Talk: Get your imagination flowing and practice some dirty talk in your head to explain what you want. Share any sexual fantasies you have with your partner(s) by talking out loud, just what it is that you would like. Express your desires using dirty sexy language making it easier to build anticipation and stimulation which is likely to be following. Always try to understand other's boundaries and express on what will be comfortable for all parties involved.


Sensual bonding rituals: Begin sensual bonding rituals with one another as part of any intimacy routine. This might include things like taking baths or showers together, giving one another sensual massages, or even engaging in touch-awareness exercises with one another when cuddling. These types of rituals generate the safe space for such vulnerability, and allow you to relate on a different level outside of the context of sexual experiences.


Remember, these are advanced techniques which require trust, open communication and your willingness to explore new boundaries with your partner(s). Take it easy, be patient, and always put consent and respect first. It must be said not every method may apply to everyone so finding which one that works best with your partner(s).


So just go ahead with open arms and embrace the world of advanced techniques, the pleasure of which has no end and it opens new heights of satisfaction. Let your desire make you embark on that journey of exploration.