7 Crazy 'Liberal' Sex Practices

Author :- Claire Copeland June 10, 2020, 9:50 a.m.
7 Crazy 'Liberal' Sex Practices

1. Semen-Drinking in the Sambian Tribe 

The Sambian Tribe of New Guinea teaches its boys to be men by separating them from their mothers and girls at as young an age as 7.  They are beaten regularly and must drink semen from the tribe’s elders. In some cases, they are instructed to perform oral 20 times a day.

2. Young Sex in the Trobriander Tribe

Also in Papua, New Guinea, there is the Trobriander Tribe.  The children in this tribe start having sex at a very young age- boys at around 10 and girls at 6.  

3. Age Gap Sex in Mangaia

In an island in the South Pacific Ocean called Mangaia, older women have sex with boys around the age of 13 to teach them how to please their partners.  

4. Public Masturbation in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptians believed that the ebb and flow of the Nile was due to the ejaculation of the god of creation, Atum.  Hoping for an abundance of water, men ritually ejaculated into the Nile. During the festival of Min, a representation of the pharoah’s sexual power, men also frequently masturbated in public.  

5. The Love Huts of the Kreung Tribe

In Cambodia, the elders of the Kreung tribe build a hut for their teenage daughters.  Different boys spend the night until she finds a partner to her liking, who then remains with her for life.

6. Genital Worship in Hawaii

In pre-contact Hawaii, genitals were seen as sacred.  There are still sites around Hawaii where rock carvings of them can be found.  These were believed to be totems to enhance fertility. Hawaiians named their own genitals, and publicly chanted them.  Songs and dances were even performed in their honor.  

7. Children Watch their Parents Have Sex on Marquesas Island

As may be said of many places, on Marquesas Island children sleep in the same place as their parents.  But what separates this island is that here it is also perfectly normal and allowed for children to watch their parents have sex.  

Now you know a few crazy sex practices from around the world. What’s considered “normal” in one culture can be completely outlandish in another.  After reading all these, though, you’ve got to wonder what else is out there.