5 Tips to Spice up Your Sex-Life

Author :- Lisa Dinh March 18, 2021, 6:35 p.m.
5 Tips to Spice up Your Sex-Life

In the gizmo-driven life, love and emotions are getting ignored. You may have provided your companion all good things in life, but have you kept up the sexual expectations your other half has of you? Are you finding little time for intimate moments with your partner? Are your underactive hormones or stress making you spend less time on pillow talk and under the sheets? When was the last time you both physically met, and for how long?

It is time to move beyond sweet nothings in your relationship and explore the naked side of your partner. Sex is pivotal to a relationship and helps the partners understand each other’s erogenous zones for pleasure-seeking. Break the dullness of an insipid sexual life by improving your sexual compatibility with your better half. Here are some flirty tips to keep your physical bonding with your partner steamy and hot.

1. Undress for your man and the moment.  

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It is a simple sex tip. You got to build anticipation, and for that, ditch your ordinary costume. Put on a revealing outfit – transparent, slippery, shimmering, or nothing at all. Wear something provocative that will make him look at you twice and more. Allow him to realize how he profusely misses skin contact with you.

Your dress should be shorter than normal. Put on a low-cut and cleavage-revealing outfit or anything that highlights your body’s prime points or hides your flaws. Cannabis products can bring you and your partner closer by reducing performance anxiety. Take twisted extracts edibles, like CBD gummies and jelly bombs to help you enhance your bedroom experience and make you have better sex. Take off your clothes tastefully for a passionate night with your partner. 

2. Think, see, and talk fantasies.

Make a bucket list of exciting ideas to try together in your warm-up to sex. Pen a provocative text, check out blogs on keeping your partner satisfied, browse different sex positions with pictures. Learn beginner to advanced sex tips and attempt good oral and anal sex with your protection on.   

Break free your routine relationship by trying varied and satisfying tips to kick away boredom. Shed your inhibitions by learning how to give a blowjob by watching instructional videos. Talk dirty to keep your partner turned on and miss your absence. Fantasize things together so that you can mutually take part in pleasure with no hesitation.

3. Add and update your sex stock.  

Sex is a body’s need. Refurbish your sex staples to lead an active sex life. Whether it is sex toys like vibrators, playtime gel massage, climax condoms, or edible aphrodisiacs, stock your bedroom with products and supplements to help you penetrate your partner to satisfaction.

Look for premium quality and body-safe products on the internet for enhanced pleasure and minimal side-effects. Sprinkle your pillows with aphrodisiac sprays, or wear an aphrodisiac perfume to make your pre-sex time a turn-on. Talk to a sexologist if you face any problems in penetration and ejaculation. Throw away your shyness and gather confidence to learn about the upcoming sex products.

4. Try new sex positions.

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Sex is a recipe that needs variations from your side to maintain libido. Orgasm-inducing positions help stimulate the G-spot. Try a missionary position or a cowboy to get equal pleasure. If you are not confident with your facial expression during your love-making, you could try the reverse cowgirl. Make yourself feel comfortable in traditional and new positions on the couch.     

There are some sophisticated positions also like the Champagne Room that needs a chair for a sitting sex act. Your partner will enjoy this novel approach for sex. Admire each other’s bodies, even if it means exploring woman-on-top. Create room for faster and intense sensations to get maximum pleasure. 

5. Book a room

Your routine work and home life make you miss out on turn-on moments. Take a break from your monotonous life and book a pleasantly done-up room in your favorite hotel. Emphasize getting a Do Not Disturb sign for your room. Share your request on flowers’ choice and arrangement, bed linen, aromatherapy, overall ambiance, and room service before checking in your room.

Staycations are trending not only for vacation-lovers but sexual partners as well. It gives you a chance to talk, snuggle, make love and enjoy blissful sex over wine and excellent food. It also helps you give into the physical pleasures you could not fulfill back home. Slot a ‘sexcation’ for the two of you in a remote destination every quarter to pick up from your last pose.

Final thoughts

Partner sex can stagnate if the man-woman shows less enthusiasm in bed. Missing variety in sexual poses is one reason sex frequency is dropping. Create a pleasure road map to make you and your partner revitalize your sex life. Find caressing and fondling moments in your routine life. Explore your partner’s soft spot to increase intimacy time. Work to make your sex moment a sensational experience.

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