17 Unique Ways to Kiss As Per the Kamasutra

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17 Unique Ways to Kiss As Per the Kamasutra

The Kamasutra¹ is more than a book that delves into different sex positions. There is more to this ancient text to rekindle your love, passion, and intimate moments. Here, we will look into 17 unique ways to kiss as per the Kamasutra. It is present in Book II of this scripture, and we will look into the details as mentioned in the chapter entitled “The Kiss.”

The Nominal Kiss

The nominal kiss is one of the first ways to kiss as per the Kamasutra. Here, the person( presented as a girl in the Kamasutra) would touch their lover’s mouth with their mouth. Here, the kisser won’t be doing anything from their side. It is similar to kissing with two fingers.

The Throbbing Kiss

In this type of kiss, the kisser(here, a girl as per the Kamasutra) would show interest in touching their partner’s lips. For that purpose, the kisser will move their lower lip. But, the kisser will be hesitant to move their upper lip. 

Here, there won’t be any forms of bashfulness present. Thus, the throbbing kiss is another type of kiss mentioned in the Kamasutra that you can try out with your partner. 

The Touching Kiss

The touching kiss involves the kisser(here, a girl as per the Kamasutra) touching their lower lip with their tongue with their eyes closed. After that, the kisser will place their hands on their lover.

When you have an intimate moment, this is a type of kiss to try with your partner.

The Straight Kiss

This is a type of kiss where both the partners will bring their lips in direct contact. It is a straightforward kiss that you and your partner can try out with ease.

The Bent Kiss

In this type of kiss, the two partners have their heads close to each other. They will be kissing each other as they bend. It is a mouth-to-mouth kiss as well. 

During this kiss, the person has to hold their partner’s chin. In this kind of kiss, the focus has to be on the sweetness and affection associated with it, as emotions are vital here. It is a type of kiss that is suitable before you step into the intense stages of love-making. 

The bent kiss from Kamasutra can act as a way of setting the scene before you step into the intimate moment with your partner.

The Turned Kiss

Here, one of the partners will hold the head and chin of the other person while kissing. This type of kiss is known as a turned kiss. 

It is a type of kiss that you can try out with your partner as a way of demonstrating deep affection. It is also a method through which you can depict tenderness and love.

But, it isn’t suitable for expressing great passion during intimate moments. However, you and your partner can include the turned kiss as you make your way towards a higher level of passion.

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Clasping Kiss

It is an intense kiss, where a partner takes their lover's lips between their lips. 

As per the Kamasutra, women will receive this kind of kiss from a man who doesn’t have a mustache. However, it might not be applicable in the current scenario.

The Pressed Kiss

In this type of kiss, one of the partners will press their lips to the other with much force. It is a great way to present affection and respect for their partner. 

Here, the kisser will be holding the partner’s lower lip delicately. After that, the kisser will press it firmly. In a pressed kiss, both the partners can take it to another level by involving the tongue. 

Greatly Pressed Kiss

It is an extended version of the pressed kiss, where the person will hold the lower lip between their two fingers. Here, the kisser would initiate by touching the lips with their tongue and then move forward by pressing it with force.

Fighting of the Tongue

It is a kind of kiss, where one of the partners will touch the other person’s teeth, tongue, or palate with their tongue and lips. 

It is a passionate kiss that plays a pivotal role in intimate moments and foreplays. You can include this type of kiss when you have an intense sexual encounter with your partner. Fighting of the tongue can also be a way that can pave the way for the creation of these intimate moments.

Kiss that Kindles Love

Here, the kisser(as per the Kamasutra, a woman) will look at their partner while sleeping and kiss the person to show desire. The kiss that kindles love can bring in affection and connection between the partners.

Kiss that Turns Away

Here, the person would kiss their lover as a way of deviating their partner’s mind. It could be when the partner is upset, angry, quarreling, or involved in another job. It is a kiss that you can try out with your partner during any of these situations. However, here, you have to focus on the dynamics of your relationship as well.

Kiss that Awakens

Here, the lover will be kissing their partner after coming home at night. In this type of kiss, the partner will be asleep, and it is a kiss that is meant to show desire. 

Sometimes, the partner( a woman as per the Kamasutra) would pretend as sleeping to understand their partner’s intention. 

As per the Kamasutra, the person who is asleep does to e respect from their partner.

Kiss Showing Intentions

It is a type of kiss similar to a transferred kiss that we will be discussing in a few seconds. Here, the person will kiss the reflection of the other person. It will be visible in the mirror, water, wall, or any other place. It is yet another sweet gesture to show love and affection.

Transferred Kiss

Here, the partner, who the kisser intends to kiss, is absent or is at a distance from the kisser. Here, the person would be kissing something else that symbolizes the partner. It can be a child who is sitting on their lap, an image, or a figure. However, the transferred kiss becomes effective when both the partners are present close to each other. 

Demonstrative Kiss

It is another unique way to kiss as per the Kamasutra. Here, the kisser( as per the Kamasutra, a man) will come closer to the person they intend to kiss( in the Kamasutra, it is a woman). As per the work, this kiss would occur at night in a theatre or an assembly. 

Here, the person will start by kissing on the fingers if their partner is standing. If the intended person is sitting, then the kisser would kiss on their toe. 

Besides, it can happen in other locations, especially when a person is shampooing their lover’s body. Here, the person can lie down on their partner’s thigh and kiss there. It is a way through which both the partners and kindle the fire in the relationship.



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