10 Vaginal secrets every woman should know Before 20

Author :- Health In Vitro June 10, 2020, 9:56 a.m.
10 Vaginal secrets every woman should know Before 20

Women have been taught over the years to shy away from sex-related matters, this affects even the level of exposure to their own sexual organ. Half the women population do not know the potential of their own privates. There is a myriad of vaginal secrets that every female should know. However, this information is not meant for females alone, Hey fellas, get in here! you’re about to discover ten surprising facts you didn’t know about the love… below

Meet Your Vagina (Vaginal Secrets)

What is a vagina? – Before you roll your eyes, this isn’t what many actually think. There’s been a common generalization of the vagina as the entire thing between the female’s legs. The word vagina actually refers to the specific part of your reproductive system – that muscular tube that begins from the vulva to the cervix and this excludes the external bits of the genitalia. It is measured in depths of inches that range between 2.7 – 3.1 inches when relaxed and 4.3 – 4.7 inches when sexually aroused.

Does My Diet Affect My Vagina?

You are what you eat – if you’ve ever been worried about the changes in smell down there, The effect of the soap one uses or anything else, these factors may not be to blame for odors. Your diet greatly affects its scent. Very spicy foods and strong-tasting edibles like garlic onions, fish, chilies, and cheese may bring an unpleasant smell down there while foods like yogurt, pineapple may give it a better scent. However, if the smell is too strong, offensive or can be described as “fishy” then it may be the right sign of underlying infection and would need some medical attention.

The Arousal Tool

Your clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings – the clitoris isn’t part of the vagina but being a part of the female and a very vital part of a woman’s erogenous zone, it is too important not to be discussed. The clitoris has a high sensitivity to touch and plays the most important role in sexual arousal, pleasure, and satisfaction. The reason for its high sensitivity is the very makeup, as it has 8,000 nerve endings – this is twice the number of nerve endings in the penis. According to research, the clitoris can enlarge in size by up to 300% when a woman is aroused.

How Fierce Does It Get Down There?

Your vagina has something in common with sharks – sharks are fierce and remain so; it wouldn’t make them any less fierce if you realized that they produce a compound called squalene in their livers, the same compound that is found in the vaginal fluid. There have been claims that squalene is used in many cosmetic products such as moisturizing lotions, hair products & sunscreen lotions. Please do not ask which of the source is used, better still, squalene can also be gotten from wheat germ oil, rice bran oil, and olive oil but in amounts smaller than the shark liver oil.

The Infamous A-Spot!

Just like the G-spot, meet the A-spot – almost everybody must have heard about the famous G-spot, even though a lot of women still find it elusive as they may not have been able to discover theirs or how it can be stimulated. The A-spot is yet another erogenous zone in a woman’s vagina, it is also known as the Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone (AFE zone), situated deep between the cervix and the bladder.

The A-spot was recently discovered by Dr. Chua Chee Ann, a Malaysian researcher in one of his studies. He reported instant vaginal lubrication and orgasm after about 15 minutes of stimulation of the A-spot in 15% of women who had earlier reported pain and dryness during sex.

Spring Cleaning In The Tunnels

The vagina is self-cleaning – with the worries about keeping off unpleasant odor in the vagina, many women often use soaps and intimate wash, believing that their lady bits are dirty inside and needs thorough washing to keep it clean. Contrary to that, the vagina actually cleans itself and scented soaps, intimate washes, and douches are unneeded.

In fact, using these products may alter the natural ph. balance of the vagina and kill off the good bacteria required for its normal functioning; this may lead to discomfort, bacterial vaginosis, and other infections while douching in particularly could lead to pelvic inflammatory infections and ectopic pregnancy. It’s best not to get carried away with cleaning and simply use water.

Queen Kegel And Her Narrow-mindedness

Your vagina benefits from an exercise – pelvic floor exercise is the specific kind of exercise meant to strengthen the walls of the vagina, this is referred to as the kegel exercise. Regular sexual activity is believed to help maintain a healthy vagina and so is kegel. Kegel exercise is done by intentionally stopping the urine during urination repeatedly – the contraction required in this process is meant to tighten the vagina walls and help manage urinary incontinence but it also helps to enhance sexual pleasure and achieve more frequent and better orgasms.

Vaginal Math?

Your vagina is set at a 130-degree angle – when you try to insert a tampon, there’s usually a point where it seems as if you’ve gotten to a dead-end, well, that’s because you’ve gone the wrong direction. The vaginal canal rests at an angle of 130-degrees in a woman’s body so inserting the tampon shouldn’t be done up and in but rather towards the back to make things move easier.

And no, you can’t lose a tampon in there as many people believe. It isn’t possible because the opening at the top of the vagina is not wide enough to let a tampon slip through. So all it can possibly do is get stuck around that area and when this happens, it’s best to see a doctor in order to have it removed. Leaving a tampon stuck in there for long could increase the risk of having a complication called toxic shock syndrome.

The stretch after Childbirth

Your vagina changes after childbirth – How long does it take for your vag to tighten up after childbirth. This, of course, varies from one person to another, and also depends on aftercare. the opening that previously looked like a dot would probably appear more like a curve, this is because of its stretch during labor. It is however still closed and intact and would likely return to the pre-childbirth size after some time.

The Good Bacteria

The vagina shares the same ph. balance as red wine – the vagina walls have acidic fluids and they come with a ph. level of around 4.5. The vagina naturally comes with predominant bacteria called lactobacilli which are the “good” bacteria and responsible for keeping the vaginal ph. levels balanced and prevent the growth of other bad bacteria that can attack the vagina. When the levels of this lactobacilli fall, it leads to an increase in the vaginal ph. level from the normal 4.5 and this altered environment accommodates the breeding of yeast infections, vaginal infections, and bacterial vaginosis.

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