Join TickleLife Podcast

TickleLife Podcast is a very unique show because we are showcasing your PERSONAL experience about a moment or event in your life around sex, relationships, kink, trauma healing, masturbation, or life story. 

"Studies have found that when your audience likes, knows, and trusts you it converts into super fans and customers."

  • Please watch the video so you know what you are getting yourself into. lol
  • Please make sure you read the application form in full detail
  • YOU must be the person to fill out the form to give your consent
  • Only one person may show up for the interview if you are accepted

To apply to be on TickleLife Podcast please fill out the application below.  If you are a good fit for the show, we will send you an email within 5-7 days with the link to book your interview.

Application Form

If you get approved:

  • Only first-person language, I statement only eg. I felt, I experienced, I thought, during my adventure. No talking about in general, stats or how it affected others
  • No giving a shout-out looking for sex or dating during the interview. They sure will get edited
  • Make sure you are wearing a shirt. Yes we have had incidences 
  • No Selling until Gaia gives you the floor to do so
  • Once you give your verbal approval at the end of the interview, Tickle.Life owns the rights to use the show as they see fit. You may also use it however you wish.

Some of this expectations might seem strange however it is on the list because someone broke

Loving reminder:

This is a show about your personal experience, so it will be very personal. Make sure that you are okay with people in your life  knowing this about you. Or we can use another name with no video.  

This show outcome is; the viewers get an insight into your life , connect to who you are and can relate. Which always turns into conversion of new super fans , clients and buys natural without any sale push. The audience gets to be voyeurs and eavesdrop on our juicy conversation. You will have time to talk about what you have been working on at the end of the show.

Looking forward to having fun with you!!
Your Host Gaia Morrissette