Maanee Chrystal - Shadow, Eros & Silence

Today my guest is Maanee Chrystal, a holistic psychotherapist, dance therapist and sacred sexual teacher, founder of the Embodied Feminine and co-founder of AMANE curated. In this talk, we go through her life journey, from travels in south america to transpersonal psychology studies in Australia, becoming a tantra teacher in the east while also exploring the world of erotic dancing in the west.Timeline00:27 - Intro01:53 - AMANE Curated08:15 - Family influence 11:00 - First travels 13:25 - Transpersonal psychology15:20 - Mental Illness 18:00 - The Shadow 18:50 - Yoga & Tantra21:15 - Women's work22:20 - Erotic Dance26:10 - Strip clubs31:20 - Sacred eroticism 40:15 - Becoming a nobody 43:20 - Therapeutic Dance Facilitor Training49:50 - Advice to her younger self51:49 - Work with Maanee - Support the Podcast the show (

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