Sisters of Sexuality: Five Shades Of Play

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Are you a sexual enthusiast who loves to learn something new? Do you want to learn how to push your sexual boundaries and open yourself to new and unique experiences? Sex Goddess and host, Taylor Sparks along with her expert guests are here for the purposes of Educating, Entertaining and Informing you in all areas of sexuality, sexual health, kink, relationships and the business of sex. Support this podcast:


Tickle.Life Founder, Shakun Sethi Wants To Eradicate The Fear Of The Unknown In Sexuality

Sep 04

The UNKNOWN leads to fear, the FEAR leads to SCEPTICISM, and we become JUDGEMENTAL people living in fear.  Join me, your host and sex goddess, Taylor Sparks, for this reflective conversation surrounding the creation and launch of Tickle.Life with Founder Shakun Sethi.  Tickle.Life (tickle-dot-life) is the world's first community based discovery platform for sexual well-being and sexuality. Yes, there is much more to learn! Shakun Sethi Bio: Shakun Sethi is the founder and CEO of Tickle.Life, the world's first community powered discovery platform for sexual wellbeing. With over a decade of experience and specialisation in Community Management, International Communications, Brand Management and Digital Media. Inclusivity is paramount for her and that is evident in her work and creating a resource centre with over 350 industry collaborators, over 1000+ sex positive podcast owners and now a shop section.  Stay up to date with Shakun Sethi: Website: IG: Facebook: tickledotlife Twitter: ticklelife Youtube: tickle Stay up to date with Sisters of Sexuality: Website: Email: Instagram: @sistersofsexuality Facebook: @sexysostour Twitter: @sistersofsex LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE AND SUPPORT --- Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:


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