Dr. Carl Hart: Drug Talk for Grown-Ups

On this episode, Mark Davis, the Association's chief programs officer, interviews our guest, Dr. Carl Hart.
Dr. Hart grew up in a low-income neighborhood in Miami where drug use was prevalent. The truth is that he even used and sold drugs.  However, interesting enough, that life led him to the Air Force and later to the esteemed role of Columbia University professor acclaimed for his research -- who some may call controversial -- particularly in regards to substance use, and the case Dr. Hart for decriminalizing ALL drugs in America.
And that’s why we’re thrilled that Dr. Hart is going to be a keynote speaker at Mental Health Association Oklahoma’s annual Zarrow Mental Health Symposium in October. 
His keynote is titled “Drug Talk for Grown-Ups.” In it, he will be drawing upon his own personal journey and more than 25 years of experience as a neuro-psycho-pharmacologist. 
In this episode, Dr. Hart takes on how society is constantly misled about drug use and addiction. He also explains how misconceptions about drug addiction distract our attention away from real concerns and lead to bad policies, immeasurable suffering, and countless preventable deaths.
Learn more about the Symposium at www.zarrowsymposium.org.
The Mental Health Download: Exploring Mental Illness, Homelessness, Suicide and Incarceration is presented by the nonprofit Mental Health Association Oklahoma.

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